Can we Guarantee you a Job Offer?

We have been asked: "If we pay you for your services, will that guarantee us a job offer in New Zealand?". While the truth is that no professional adviser can guarantee or promise you a job offer in New Zealand, our success rate is exceptional. Most of our approved job search clients succeed in securing a job in New Zealand!

What it takes to find a job:

From our experience with assisting skilled migrants from all over the world with finding employment, we would say, that, considering that you are new to our country and will need a work visa to be able to start working,  the success of your job search in New Zealand will depend on a combination of factors that we would quantify as follows:

  • 50% - Qualifications and work experience
  • 30% - Your involvement in the job search process
  • 20% - Solving the Catch 22 dilemma

Our Job Search Program will boost your chances in all of those aspects.

1. Qualifications and work experience

We can provide you with our local knowledge to transfer your overseas qualifications and work experience into a format that is understood and appreciated in New Zealand and enable you to present yourself as the best candidate you can be.

2. Your involvement in the job search process

We can guide, coach and encourage you throughout the process and give you the best support you can get to make the most of your job search.

3. Solving the catch 22 dilemma

We can help you overcome the catch 22 dilemma by providing the combined skills of our Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Specialists.

You cannot buy a job offer in New Zealand!

Over the years cases have emerged which paint a picture of how desperate immigrants are, paying thousands of dollars to rogue immigration advisers and companies to validate their applications for work or residence visas. For further reading you might be interested in an article released by RNZ (Radio New Zealand) on 15 September 2016.

As the RNZ investigation reveals evidence of migrant workers being scammed thousands of dollars for fake jobs, cases of suspected job-selling for visas are emerging.

Immigration New Zealand has made a clear statement that they will decline applications for a work visa where it considers that the employment was offered as a result of a payment made by the applicant to the employer in exchange for securing that offer of employment.

Make sure that you are working with a Licensed Immigration Adviser. Immigration Advisers must adhere to a strict code of Conduct and are under ongoing surveillance of the Immigration Advisers Authority.

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