Are NZ Employers Hesitant?

Do you worry that New Zealand employers might be reluctant to hire a migrant?

Hiring staff is a big decision with far-reaching consequences and obligations for employers. While New Zealand companies look overseas to fill existing skill gaps in our country, there are a number of reasons why they may be reluctant to hire immigrants in particular.

Some reasons why New Zealand employers might be reluctant to offer a job to a new migrant are:

  • A lack of understanding and appreciation of the applicant's international qualifications;
  • A bias or preference for local experience;
  • Concerns about English language proficiency;
  • Concerns about the cultural fit of an oversea's applicant;
  • Concerns regarding the migrant's commitment to move to New Zealand or stay in New Zealand long term;
  • Reluctance to work through the immigration procedure;
  • Concerns that the applicant is over or under-qualified for the position
  • Concerns that an overqualified applicant is using the position as a stepping-stone to get a visa and then move on.

Our Job Search Professionals have come across all of these concerns and are experienced in educating and assisting employers by explaining the process and familiarising them with the specific situation migrants are in.

We can provide relevant information to the New Zealand employer.  We assure them that the visa process is well underway and our clients are fully committed to making New Zealand their new home.

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