Expert panel webinars on visas, job hunt and business migration to New Zealand

Meet our Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Professionals in one of our interactive webinars and learn how your migration to New Zealand can work for you.

"I loved your webinar! Within forty minutes your team explained exactly what to expect and took the time to patiently and competently answer lots of questions. I think I can say that I now have a clear picture of what lies ahead on my way to New Zealand! It is a huge comfort to know that NZIC will be at my side throughout the entire process. Thank you, Carsten and Maj!"

Kia Ora / Good evening
The webinar was definitely of great help thank you.
The fact that you have one of your own professionals and a legal point of view included helps a lot.
We also appreciated the fact that it's not pre-recorded and that questions not only get answered days later but rather while on the subject. Well done on the quality of the webinar.

We are looking forward to becoming Kiwi's  and to hearing back from you.
Nga mihi / Thank you, J.and M.

About our webinars:

Based on client feedback we have developed a suit of webinar formats covering major areas of interest expressed by migrants.

Our webinars are open panel live presentations.

You will meet our professionals as they explain the immigration process from their professional perspectives and you will have the opportunity to answer any migration related questions you might have.

Are you interested in joining a webinar? Simply send us the completed Free Assessment form and we will let you know whether you qualify for a visa and how we can help you find a job in New Zealand.  

To give everybody a chance to participate, no matter where in the world you are, all webinars are held at different times of the day throughout the week to meet different time zones.

If you are a New Zealand employer we invite you to sign up for our specifically designed Accredited Employers webinar.

Immigration and Job Hunt Webinar

These very popular webinars are free for serious migrant candidates, but strictly by invitation only.

What do our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinars cover?

Our Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass will explain the process of migrating to New Zealand and every step involved on the way.
He will cover all aspects of the visa application process as well as the job hunt in the New Zealand employment market.
You will hear about the challenges most migrants will face at some stage along the way and how we can help you overcome hurdles in the maze of visa regulations and in an unfamiliar labour market.
Following this detailed overview, you will have a chance to ask our Licensed Immigration Adviser questions and also hear answers to questions put forward by fellow participants of the webinar.
You will hear about how our Accelerate Program works to get you into New Zealand now, and whether you may qualify.

Business and Investor Webinar

Our Senior Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass will cover Business and Investor Migration visas and answer business migration related questions.

What do our Business and Investor Webinars cover?

The purpose of our webinar is to give all those who are interested in finding out whether they might be able to immigrate to New Zealand as investor, business owner or retiree, a concise overview over New Zealand's various investor and business migration programs. Most of these policies are pathways to permanent residence in New Zealand.
You will meet with Dr. Carsten Hallwass, principal immigration adviser at New Zealand Immigration Concepts, who has many years of experience in advising Business and Investor migrants to New Zealand.
The details of these policies will be explained in our webinar and you are invited to ask Dr. Hallwass any questions relating to your immigration strategy.

Ask Dr. Hallwass whether you qualify for a visa that will allow you to live in New Zealand:
Complete our Free Assessment form and mention your interest in attending our Investor and Business Migration Webinar.

Employer Webinars - Accreditation

Our Senior Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass covers Employer Accreditation policy changes this year in our very popular Employer Webinar.

What do our Webinars for New Zealand employers cover?

New Zealand Employers must be accredited and meet the policy requirements of the new accreditation and visa application system.

This webinar is for employers interested in finding out whether they might be able to become or stay accredited, as all employers will need to be Accredited before they can hire a migrant on an Accredited Employer Work Visa.
You will meet with Dr. Carsten Hallwass, principal immigration adviser at New Zealand Immigration Concepts, who has many years of experience in assisting migrants to New Zealand and liaising with employers and relevant government authorities.

View Accredited Employers to sign up for our webinar.

Job Search Webinars

Reserved for our clients, a panel of Job Search Professionals talks about core topics on how to successfully job hunt in New Zealand.

Our Job Search webinars are for clients who have signed up for our Job Search Program.

What do our Job Search Webinars cover?

You will have a chance to ask our panel of Job Search Professionals your job search related questions, which often lead to a full blown panel discussion with them exchanging their views on the subject. We cannot stress enough the value you will find in attending these webinars with our experienced Job Search Professionals.
In preparation for your move, you might want to start attending the webinars while you are still in your home country. Familiarising yourself with specifics of the New Zealand job search process as early on as possible will help you to become a confident candidate.
Clients can attend these webinars as many times as they wish. From our experience the focus of your job hunt will shift as your arrival in New Zealand comes closer, and you will gain more insight as you repeatedly learn about these job search related topics.

Current webinar topics:

Conversation icon

Open Forum

An open panel forum and discussion, with live Q+A's.
webinar topic image, understanding the nz workplace

Understanding the NZ Workplace

Understanding New Zealand workplace culture and communication.
webinar topic image, skills focused cvs

Targeted Skills Focused CV's

Tips on targeting your NZ styled CV and how to write skills statements
image of cover letters

NZ Styled Cover Letters

How to target a cover letter for the position and organisation.
webinar topic image, networking for nz job search

Networking for NZ Job Search

Understanding how to network and successfully navigate the NZ ‘hidden job market’.
webinar topic image, interviews in nz

Interviews in New Zealand

Understanding New Zealand interviews - tips and skills.

Webinars on immigration developments and updates

Hear from Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass about the newest and future developments.

What do our Immigration updates webinars cover?

To offer the best level of support possible to our existing clients, our Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass is holding webinars, covering the newest developments and providing his expert opinion on future developments.
Recent months have shown a need to update our existing clients on a regular basis, as we all have experienced an unprecedented level of uncertainty and often anxiety. We work hard on keeping all our clients up to date with the developments and the evolving outlook on the immigration situation.

Feedback from webinar attendees

The feedback we receive following our webinar sessions says it best:

"Thank you so much for the information on the webinar. You guys really are the definition of Informative. It was well presented, any questions asked were answered at ones doorstep.
I am feeling confident that this is what I would like, to better my future not only for myself but for my family." K.P South Africa

"Fantastic webinar and fruitful discussion I have seen so far for NZ immigration as compare to my previous experience. It was a free webinar where i paid nothing but all my questions were answered in a very smooth manner and In addition, they committed to help us look for potential Job for NZ. The in-depth knowledge of the speakers was awesome and very relevant to immigration process and further the presentation slides prepared by the team was fantastic, giving every key information to aspirants. I would definitely recommend NEW ZEALAND IMMIGRATION CONCEPTS for any advice related to work visa, skilled migrant visa."

"I really enjoyed the webinar! There was so much information and the two advisers were very responsive to all of our questions. It was quite impressive and give us an insight of your expertise and control of the subject." M.M. France

"Thanks a lot for the insightful webinar, there were many doubts that got cleared after attending it. The webinar was well structured and had all the major topics covered.
Thanks again for your support, I haven't come across such a professional team that goes well beyond customer service." M.S India

"We loved the webinar yesterday, I had joined one before but for my wife it was her first. We love the "vibe" of the topic "Immigration" into NZ."
A.H Germany

"We wanted to thank you for the very informative webinar yesterday! Finally feeling optimistic about this transition process and our situation after attending yesterday and I appreciate that, especially in these times of such uncertainty."

"The webinar session was extremely good, helpful and it cleared many doubts which I had in mind and the Immigration Adviser's knowledge on immigration process was perfect." R N India
"I found the webinar very informative and I was impressed with your Advisers knowledge and professionalism too!"
R.S (South Africa)
“Thank you for the webinar, it was definitely fruitful. I was highly impressed by the clarity in which guidance was provided in today's webinar by yourself and Dr. Carsten. It gave a boost to my confidence in the pathway towards NZ.”
" It was very useful to get an overview about the most important topics. Also the opportunity to ask some questions during the presentation was very good."
N. W (Germany)
"The webinar was informative indeed -.we are glad that we joined in."
"I have recently engaged them and attended their webinar which goes through some of the most asked questions about migration and work visas. It was very informative! This was followed up with a scheduled one-to-one meeting with their immigration advisor for more details into the next steps. Emma has been very responsive to e-mails and truly professional. I’m looking forward to working together."
Google Reviewer

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If we assess your chances as realistically good, we will invite you to attend our weekly webinar, and you will get a chance to follow our professionals as they explain the immigration process and answer your migration related questions.

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