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Do you need a visa for New Zealand?

Get expert assistance from our Licenced Immigration Advisers!

Our Immigration Advisers are licensed by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority, IAA.

Our Immigration Advisers are highly qualified and experienced and will take care of all visa formalities for you.

Why do you need visa assistance from a Licensed Immigration Adviser?

The visa application process for New Zealand is complex and highly bureaucratic. For you and your family, a lot depends on a successful outcome.

Many of our clients have confirmed that they would have found it challenging to navigate their visa process without expert assistance.

Getting professional expert advice will save you nerves and money when you are about to take one of the most important steps in your life.

Don't take our word for it:

Feedback from our visa clients:

"Initially I tried to do it on my own, but it is too difficult to do it on your own without any help! I feel so much more relaxed now that I know an expert team will be handling my affairs. It is a nightmare to try and figure everything out on your own". T.H (South Africa)

"Your counselling before starting the process, during the work visa application, EOI and finally the Residence Visa application was exceptionally professional and has exceeded our expectations." P.M (United States)

"Your advice and to-the-point documentation not only show your knowledge but also raised our confidence in the success of our process." Y.N (United Kingdom)

What will our Immigration Advisers do for you?

Immigration Process Management

We will manage every step of your visa application process for you - from start to finish.

The range of support you will obtain from our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers includes but is not limited to:

Ensuring your visa eligibility in light of your personal and professional background.
Determining the right visa type based on your plans for New Zealand.
Delivering your immigration strategy to align your visa requirements with the timing for your move.
Ensuring that all visa application formalities as stipulated for your chosen visa type are met.
Liaising with your NZ employer to lower potential hesitation and help them with visa formalities.  
Submitting your visa application in a flawless and complete format.
Liaising with Immigration New Zealand and taking care of any queries they will have.
Following through to completion: The approval of your visa application.

Your Immigration Strategy

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will determine the visa policy that meets your personal and professional background, and align it with your personal timing for your arrival in New Zealand.

If you are migrating with your partner or family the requirements for them to be included in your visa application will be covered in your immigration strategy.

Documents and Guidelines

Based on your immigration strategy your Licensed Immigration Adviser will provide you with a detailed list of documents, tailored specifically to meet the requirements of your chosen visa policy, as well as comprehensive document guidelines.

Meticulous preparation will ensure that all necessary paperwork is complete and in the required format and no valuable time is lost through avoidable queries from the authorities involved with your visa application process.

International Qualification Assessment (IQA)

If you are applying for a visa with qualification requirements, you may need to apply for an International Qualification Assessment (IQA), and send the results with your visa application. Our Immigration Adviser will give you full instructions.

The Catch 22 dilemma

At this stage of your immigration process you will most likely get caught in the Catch 22 dilemma:

You will need a job to start your visa application process, but you will find it hard to get a job as long as you do not have a work visa.  

Most immigration agencies will say: "Come back to us to start your visa application once you have a job offer in New Zealand."

Unless you succeed in obtaining a job offer, your visa application process will come to a standstill before it can even actually begin.

Work with us: Solve the Catch-22 dilemma and move your visa application to the next stage!

At NZIC your Licensed Immigration Adviser and your Job Search Professional will work closely together. You will experience the power of our unique Fusion Service.

Working with us will boost your immigration success in two distinctive ways:

You will benefit from expert job search support and advice when it comes to accessing the New Zealand job market and at the same time put your potential New Zealand employer at ease by demonstrating that your visa application process is in professional hands.

By working with us you will put your best foot forward towards overcoming the Catch-22 hurdle.

Move your immigration process to the next stage: submission and processing of your visa application.

Submission of your Visa Application

Whether you are applying for a Skilled Migrant Visa, a Business/Investor Visa or a Family/Partnership Visa, your Licensed Immigration Adviser will ensure that all eligibility requirements of your chosen visa policy are fulfilled, and your visa application is formally complete and absolutely faultless before it is lodged with Immigration New Zealand.

Processing of your Visa Application

The verification process commences once your visa application has been formally accepted by Immigration New Zealand.

If your application does not add up in any way, be it because one of the eligibility requirements has not been met, or because any of the required documents are missing or lacking the prescribed format, INZ will refer back to you for further clarification.

No matter which visa policy is right for you, our Licensed Immigration Advisers will support and guide you throughout this process.

We will liaise with Immigration New Zealand and other authorities involved with your visa process on your behalf and follow through to completion.

The outcome: Your visa for New Zealand.

Feedback from a happy visa client:

"Hi Carsten, It’s nice to finally reach the finish line! 😁

Thanks for all your efforts over the past two crazy years!  Very much appreciated.

We also wanted to give some glowing feedback regarding working with Leah.  She is a joy to work with.  

oVery prompt and on top of things when they arise, and I always felt well informed.

We appreciate everything you guys did. Cheers"  E.L  (U

To find out everything you need to know about immigrating to New Zealand:

Before you get started: Join our Immigration + Job Hunt Webinar!

If you are serious about migrating to New Zealand our popular Immigration and Job Hunt Webinars are an excellent next step for you.

What do our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinars cover?

  • Our Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass will talk about the process of migrating to New Zealand and explain every step involved.
  • He will cover the visa application process and go through some aspects of job hunting in New Zealand.
  • You will hear about the challenges most migrants will face along the way, how we can help you conquer the maze of visa regulations and navigate an unfamiliar job market.
  • At the end of the webinar you will have a chance to ask your migration-related questions and listen to questions put forward by fellow webinar participants.

By the end of the webinar you will have a good understanding of the immigration process and how working with us will raise your chance for success and improve your overall migration experience.

You will be in a position where you feel confident to make a solid decision on your move to New Zealand.

Please note: Our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinar is free of charge for serious migrant candidates who have been pre-assessed by us. We invite you to register your interest by completing our Free Assessment form.

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Why choose our Visa Service?

Working with us will give you peace of mind and the certainty that you have done everything to ensure a smooth visa application process.

We will save you time and money. Doing it right the first time will help you speed up your visa processing times.

We are upfront and genuine and only work with clients who have been carefully pre-assessed and have a high chance of migrating successfully.

What our clients have said:

"We just received the approval and our new visa labels yahoo! So once again I just wanted to thank you for your advice and wonderful assistance throughout this process. You made it so much easier.  We have been very lucky and are enjoying every moment in this lovely country.  Take care. B., L., L., S. and J."

"Thank you and the whole team for a great job. Frankly, I still cannot get how you did your "magic". Thank you for all your efforts, professional advice and, of course, for your patience with us. :) Regards, S."

"I must be honest, having your team on board with our process was the best decision ever! Thank you for your guidance, we await then the results and will discuss the next steps once the information is known. Enjoy your afternoon. M. "

"Andi and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and the NZIC team for guiding us through our daunting immigration experience. It's with conviction that I would say we would have thrown in the towel after the first year but you remained steadfast in the belief that we would obtain our permanent residence if we just persevered and followed the sensible route.We trust that many potential migrants using New Zealand Immigration Concepts will enjoy the same professional, efficient and courteous service as we have. Thank you Kind regards A. and P."

"Dear Carsten, Katrina and all of our friends at NZIC- We can still hardly believe this wonderful event of our residency visas having come through! Thank you so much for all of your guidance, support and encouragement throughout the process; without you, we would have been adrift. J and I are over the moon.
We cracked open a bottle of local NZ sparkling wine last night to celebrate. Thank you for standing by us through this uncertain journey. It has made the world of difference to us having you there."