Our Unique Fusion Service for
Skilled Migrants

At NZIC we are taking the term immigration assistance to a whole new level:
Experience the most powerful immigration service available in New Zealand!

Why do you need our Fusion Service?

Obtaining the necessary visa and finding employment will be your most important first goal on your migration journey: Together your visa and your job will form the foundation for your move to New Zealand.

Whether you want to apply for the popular SMC Resident Visa or an Essential Skills Work Visa, a New Zealand job offer will be the crucial requirement for your visa application - but you will find it very difficult to get a job offer as long as you do not have your work or resident visa yet.

By working with our Licensed Immigration Advisers and our Job Search Professionals you will experience the dynamics of a holistic approach to your migration process: Our Visa Service and our Job Search Service are closely aligned with each other. Together they form a powerful Fusion Service.

Our Fusion Service will empower you to break through the Catch 22 wall.

What our clients say:

"During my research into the whole immigration project, I've found a lot of companies/individuals who render certain services."

"Immigration agents will do your paperwork. Employment agencies will help you find work. Other places will write your CV/LinkedIn profile."​

"That's all great, but no-one seems to be offering all these services under one umbrella - you have to liaise with at least five different people to get all of the above done."

"You were the only visa advice agency in New Zealand that we could find with a truly comprehensive Job Search Service."

What makes our Fusion Service so powerful?

While our Visa Service and our Job Search Service each provide a full range of professional expertise and support, and will significantly improve your chances of obtaining a visa or finding a job when used as stand-alone services, it is the unique fusion of both that makes NZIC your most powerful partner for your migration to New Zealand.

Being migrants ourselves, we have experienced first hand what it takes to successfully migrate to New Zealand: There is more to it than "just applying for a visa".

Visa and Job. Both components of the migration process depend substantially on each other, and it is our in-depth understanding of this interconnection that now sets us apart.

Understanding what it really takes, and based on client feedback, we have developed our powerful Fusion Service and keep fine-tuning it dynamically to stay in line with the demands of New Zealand's visa requirements and the constantly changing job market, as well as with what goes on in the world.

At NZIC we offer the level of migration assistance you really need:
Visa Assistance and Job Search Service from under one umbrella!

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Your Licensed Immigration Advisers will:

  • Take care of all visa related aspects of your migration, facilitate the swift processing of your application and liaise with Immigration New Zealand and other relevant authorities involved in your visa process: Our Visa Service
Add-ons with our Fusion Service:
  • The Licensed Immigration Advisers will establish your optimal immigration strategy, including all visa related requirements for the job you will need for your visa.
  • Your immigration strategy will form the base for your job search strategy. It will guide you and your Job Search Professional in the right direcrection towards a job that will provide the base for your visa.
  • Throughout your job hunt the Licensed Immigration Adviser will ensure that your job search stays in line with visa requirements.
  • You will only apply for jobs that match the chosen visa policy.
  • The Licensed Immigration Adviser will assist your New Zealand employer with the formalities they have to observe for your visa application process, i.e. Labourmarket testing.
  • The Licensed Immigration Adviser will liaise with your New Zealand employer throughout the visa application stage, to keep them up to date on your visa application process.
  • By supporting your New Zealand employer with the process of recruiting you, the Licensed Immigration Adviser will help to lower potential hesitation that might exist with the view of expected bureaucratic hurdles.
Using our Fusion Service will significantly improve your chances of getting a visa for New Zealand.

Your Job Search Professionals will:

  • Take care of all job search related aspects of your migration and expertly assist you with finding a job that matches your skills and expertise: Our Job Search Service

Add-ons with our Fusion Service:
  • The Job Search Professional will base their work with you on the immigration strategy established by the Licensed Immigration Adviser.
  • The Job Search Professional will develop your professional profile specifically for the New Zealand job market, emphasising aspects of your overseas professional background that support your visa strategy.
  • The Job Search Professional will ensure that you are only applying for positions that fulfil visa requirements and will eventually provide a base for your visa.
  • The Job Search Professional will liaise with your Licensed Immigration Adviser throughout your process to ensure that your job search is aligned with your visa application at all times.  
Using our Fusion Service will significantly improve your chances of getting an offer of employment in New Zealand.

Why choose our Fusion Service?

The quality of our Fusion Service is completely unique in New Zealand. We are not just doing the paperwork for your visa, or giving you generic job search guides and CV templates.

Our Visa Assistance Service and our Job Search Service are expertly aligned with each other. Your Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Professionals will cooperate closely throughout your entire immigration process.

Ongoing in-house communication will allow us to continuously adapt and fine-tune your immigration process as you progress towards your goal: Your successful move to New Zealand.

What our clients have said:

Our valued, highly rated feedback speaks for itself

NZIC was a great help in getting my family and I to New Zealand. Anna was worth her weight in gold, she was fantastic at helping me format my CV and search for jobs that suited my skill set. In the end, I got a great job in a great city. Carsten and his team were very thorough and helpful when it 2020 came time to apply for and get our visas. Because of that, once we submitted our paperwork immigration had everything they needed from us and did not have to come back for more information. They are now helping us with our resident visas, and I’m certain that the process will be the same. I’d recommend them highly.

“NZIC shows commitment and provide professional immigration service.
At first, Maj kindly explained the whole process and what to expect. I was coached and introduced to New Zealand job market by their Job Search team, and getting assistance until I got a job in the country. The Visa team would also follow me up on my pending documents, so I never felt left out. Truly recommended for those seeking out an option to live in New Zealand. Big thanks from me and my whole family for things NZIC did for us..!”

"NZIC was the only company in New Zealand that we could find with a comprehensive Job Search service!"

"Thank you for your help on that journey! My job hunting has really been improved thanks to NZIC! Anna was always by my side, giving me advice, working on my CV and Cover Letter and even correcting my English! And then, thanks to Carsten, my application for my work visa has been accepted within only 3 days!"

"Dear Carsten, Katrina and all of our friends at NZIC- We can still hardly believe this wonderful event of our residency visas having come through! Thank you so much for all of your guidance, support and encouragement throughout the process; without you, we would have been adrift. J and I are over the moon.
We cracked open a bottle of local NZ sparkling wine last night to celebrate. Thank you for standing by us through this uncertain journey. It has made the world of difference to us having you there."
K.T South Africa October, 2020

How can you start your immigration to New Zealand?

We stand by our word to provide the best level of support you can get for your move to New Zealand, and as we know how important this decision is for you, we want to give you a solid base for your decision making process.

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The decision of migrating to a new country is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and we want you to be fully informed at all times during your decision making process.
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