Job Searching in New Zealand

Finding a job will likely be one of the most important stepping stone on your pathway to New Zealand, but looking for employment in a new country can be a daunting task. Job searching is not as simple as sending out your CV. It's a complex activity that requires your full commitment in order to be successful. This is a full time job by itself.

Being a migrant, now adds a whole different layer which makes it a more difficult endeavour. You now have to learn and understand what makes the New Zealand job market unique. New Zealand has its own hidden job market which makes it difficult for people from overseas to tap into.

Seems like an impossible task, but if others have done it so can you. Let us help you demystify some of these things for you.

What to expect when job searching in New Zealand

Knowing is half the battle won. Understanding the characteristics of the New Zealand job market is the most critical and overlooked part in any job application. When you fail to notice these details, job applicants tend to lose focus and this is where you waste valuable time and resources. Our advice will be for you to start by learning what to expect when you start your job hunt.

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Job Searching Tips:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you successfully find a job in New Zealand?

Your success in finding a job in New Zealand can be defined through several factors.

1. How much time, effort and resources you need to invest?

It is undeniable that job hunting can be a huge endeavour. The more effort and time you put in your preparation the better the results will be. Limited as these resources can be, you would then need to find a smart way of working so your time and effort are not wasted.

2. Have you developed a Job Search Strategy?

Every big project needs a plan. Your job search is all too the same. Coming up with a strong plan allows you to create focus in your job search. This allows you to cover all bases so you never have to do everything from scratch each time you apply.

3. Find a trusted partner

Let's admit it. Moving to a new country and finding a job can all be stressful. You would need all the help you can get. Finding someone trusted and credible will allow you to navigate the NZ job market with ease. Having a local guide will be able to help you understand what it truly means to work for NZ employers and they be able to give you relevant advise.

Our team can definitely help!

Working with our Job Search Professionals will make a huge difference for your job search. Find out how.
Anna Fyfe
Anna Fyfe
Job Search Coach
Mark Beltran
Mark Beltran
Job Search Coach
Judi Lubetzky
Judi Lubetzky
Careers Coach
Jannie Allen
Jannie Allen
Job Search Coach

How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect job searching in New Zealand?

The recent pandemic definitely changed the way we look at things and searching for jobs has been one of them. For the most part, finding a job now while overseas might now have added a extra layer of challenge and we understand that this can be disheartening.

Here's what we think and how we can make a difference. Read more about it here


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Dear Jannie, just want to drop a note to thank for your everything. Your help is much appreciated! You are a wonderful and professional job search coach! I am so lucky to have you supporting me!

Hong Kong
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Anna was worth her weight in gold---she was fantastic at helping me format my CV and search for jobs that suited my skill set.  In the end, I got a great job in a great city.  Carsten and his team were very thorough and helpful when it came time to apply for and get our visas. They are now helping us with our resident visas, and I'm certain that the process will be the same. I'd recommend them highly.

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The great work done before has surely helped to achieve this quick positive result. NZIC are really professional and know what to do when to do it and how to do it. That is so convenient and efficient! I’m still working with them for the next steps and would like to thank them again for their help and support.  Thank you.  Kind Regards.

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NZIC guided me all the way through getting my first work visa to permanent residency. Their job seeking support was key when I first arrived in NZ, communication was always easy and clear. I'm very thankful for their help and definitely recommend their services.


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