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Find out what it takes to successfully migrate to New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category.

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Can you move to New Zealand?

Meet our Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Dr. Carsten Hallwass as he explains the immigration process in a clear and straightforward manner, and learn everything you need to know about migrating to New Zealand as a Skilled Migrant.

Your Visa Application and your Job Hunt

Our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinars have been specifically designed to provide you with comprehensive information on the two core aspects of your immigration journey: Your visa application and your job hunt.

Dr. Carsten Hallwass and his team will explain

  • our Visa Service, covering all aspects of the formal visa application process under the Skilled Migrant Category, including your work visa and your resident visa, including the new points system, formally in place from 9 October 2023 onwards, and how our Licensed Immigration Advisers will ensure that your visa process will run smoothly;
  • our Job Seeker Program and how working with our team of Job Search Specialists will give you the deciding boost for your job hunt;
  • our Fusion Service and how it will empower you to overcome the Catch 22 - the no visa-no job and no job-no visa dilemma;
  • our Job Portal and how it will provide you with instant access to the New Zealand job market on several levels: view job openings in New Zealand and your opportunity to put your professional profile in front of New Zealand employers and recruiters.

Following our initial presentation you will have the opportunity to ask your migration-related questions.

Feel free to bring a list!

By the end of the webinar you will be empowered to make a solid decision on your move to New Zealand!

Emails from webinar attendees:

Nothing short of exemplary service. Efficient, authentic, to the point, and most importantly honest. I have worked with a few immigration agents over the last few years, and never have I felt more comfortable and connected. They illustrate the highest levels of authenticity, integrity and consideration for your specific needs. The webinar is absolutely brilliant, about as comprehensive as you can expect, and I certainly walked away from it with the highest levels of confidence that these guys could get the job done for me. I would highly recommend that you attend the webinar and consider NZIC for all your immigration needs to NZ. If this is my first level of interaction with NZ, then this is a country I’d love to live in. C.C South Africa

"Kia Ora / Good evening!
The webinar was definitely of great help thank you.

The fact that you have one of your own professionals and a legal point of view included helps a lot.

We also appreciated the fact that it's not pre-recorded and that questions not only get answered days later but rather while on the subject.

Well done on the quality of the webinar.
Nga mihi / Thank you, J.and M"

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Find out how you can get a visa and find a job in New Zealand.

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Our New Zealand Immigration and Job Hunt Webinars are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week .at different times of the day  to meet different time zones and give everybody a chance to participate, no matter where in the world you are.

More feedback we have received from Webinar attendees:

"I loved your webinar! Within forty minutes your team explained exactly what to expect and took the time to patiently and competently answer lots of questions.

I think I can say that I now have a clear picture of what lies ahead on my way to New Zealand! It is a huge comfort to know that NZIC will be at my side throughout the entire process. Thank you, Carsten and Maj."
"We wish to express our sincere thanks for welcoming us to the webinar last February 3rd.
So much of the content of the webinar was very helpful to us.
We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your team's structured and professional approach to such a wide topic with some fantastic takeaways which can further help us with understanding the correct path for our NZ immigration."
"We loved the webinar yesterday, I had joined one before but for my wife it was her first. We love the "vibe" of the topic "Immigration" into NZ."

A.H (Germany)

"We wanted to thank you for the very informative webinar yesterday! Finally feeling optimistic about this transition process and our situation after attending yesterday and I appreciate that, especially in these times of such uncertainty."

D.G (United States)

"The webinar session was extremely good, helpful and it cleared many doubts which I had in mind and the Immigration Adviser's knowledge on immigration process was perfect."

R.N (India)

"I found the webinar very informative and I was impressed with your Advisers knowledge and professionalism too!"

R.S (South Africa)

“Thank you for the webinar, it was definitely fruitful. I was highly impressed by the clarity in which guidance was provided in today's webinar by yourself and Dr. Carsten. It gave a boost to my confidence in the pathway towards NZ.”

H.M (China)

" It was very useful to get an overview about the most important topics. Also the opportunity to ask some questions during the presentation was very good."

N. W (Germany)

"The webinar was informative indeed -.We are glad that we joined in."

A.R (Italy)