Move to New Zealand

If you want to migrate to New Zealand you will need a visa.

To get a visa you will most likely need a job. 

Ask our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Specialists how we can help you make your dream of moving to New Zealand a reality. 


 Visa Assistance - Job Search Support - Business and Investor Migration 

Comprehensive integrated Immigration Assistance, all under one umbrella.


Find out if you qualify for a Resident Visa for New Zealand: 

Use our Points Calculator and Quick Self-Assessment Guide

 Ask us for a Free Professional Assessment to learn how you can start your immigration journey. 

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Work in New Zealand

Do you want to work in New Zealand?

Finding a job in a new country is a daunting task. 

Having a support team on the ground in New Zealand will make a huge difference! 

The level of support you will receive from our Job Search Specialists for your job search is unparalleled in New Zealand.

To get you ready for the New Zealand job market our Employment Adviser will develop your professional profile and work with you on becoming the best candidate in the New Zealand job market you can possibly be.

But our work does not end there:

Our Recruitment Specialist will add an extra layer of support for your job search and actively work with you by seeking job opportunities and providing ongoing coaching and feedback during your job search journey.

Our job search team will give you the deciding powerful boost for your job search!


Solve the Catch 22 dilemma: You need a visa to get a job and you need a job to get a visa! 

Ask us how our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Specialists can help you overcome this hurdle.


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Business in New Zealand

Do you want to run your own business in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a great place to do business.

The visa application process for business migrants is complex.

You will need proven business skills and an in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand market place. 

Our business migration specialist Dr. Carsten Hallwass has the necessary expertise to guide you through your Entrepreneur Visa application process.

He is backed up by a network of professionals, available for you if and when you need them during the process of establishing your business in New Zealand.


Be self-employed in New Zealand

Invest in New Zealand

Retire in New Zealand

Are you thinking of retirement in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers a great lifestyle for retirees.

Whether you want to retire to New Zealand to make the most of your retirement years, or in order to  join your family, find out how New Zealand Immigration Concepts can help you to apply for the right visa. 

Retire in New Zealand

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