The Hidden Job Market

In New Zealand we have a hidden job market. 70% of all job openings are never advertised!

Imagine what it would mean for you if you could access not just 30% but 100% of all open roles!

Find out more about the Hidden Job Market, how you can gain access and take advantage of the huge potential this will give you for your job hunt.

What is the Hidden Job Market?

New Zealand is a relatively small country and the job market is comparably small as well.

Key players in the various industries are generally well connected with each other and maintain high levels of communication amongst their peers.

As a result, employers tend to fill their openings through existing contacts and networks.

A general rule of thumb is that only 30% of all open roles are ever advertised through public media.

About 70% of all jobs are found through internal networking channels.

Only 30% of all available jobs in New Zealand at any time are listed on public job boards, job seeker websites or advertised in other public media.

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How can you access 100% of the job market?

Having full access to each and any job opening in New Zealand will decidedly increase your chances of finding a job.  

But how can you manage to do that if you can only see 30% of all job opportunities?  

The answer is quite obvious: Local knowledge is key.

Partner with the Job Search Professionals at NZIC

Our local Job Search Professionals have many years of experience working with job seekers in New Zealand and know the New Zealand job market and its unique facets inside and out.

They will share their profound knowledge of the New Zealand job market with you, and - together with you - develop your job search strategy on how to make the most of those hidden job opportunities.

Learning how to approach the hidden job market successfully will unleash a source with huge potential for your job hunt.

Tips from our Job Search Professionals for accessing the Hidden Job Market

Using the full potential of the job market by identifying 100% of all existing job opportunities will be one of the key elements of your job search in New Zealand and ultimately your recipe for success.

Our Job Search Professionals will provide you with their local insider knowledge and work with you by applying a number of modern job search techniques that will allow you to tap into the hidden job market and significantly improve your chances of finding a job.

Judi, Job Search Coach at nzic, shares some Insight:

"Here at NZIC we are using modern Job Search techniques..""Develop a clear idea of what you are looking for in a job, in functional terms, rather than searching by job title.

Keep up to date with current events, professional publications, trade magazines, and business publications.

They will give you inside information, meaning you can get ahead of the competition for a role that is not being advertised on job boards or social media."

Networking tips from our Job Search Coaches:

Networking involves talking to people you know and to people you perceive as a source for contacts and personal referrals.

  • The purpose of networking is for you to find out more  
  • Networking can lead to opportunistic hires.
Social networking - How this can be a make or break tool for your job search.

It is likely that you are involved in social networking.

  • Check your online presence
  • Consider using professional social networks such as LinkedIn for the core of your career and job search endeavours.
Learn how speculative applications can work for you, if done right
Informational interviewing - A job search technique very specific to New Zealand!

The Iceberg Analogy

Our short video clip gives you a good introduction to the Hidden Job Market and the way New Zealand employers select their candidates.

It explains what this means for your job search in New Zealand and how working with our Job Search Professionals will help you gain access to this huge source of potential for your job hunt.

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