Do you want to move to New Zealand?

Moving to a new country is as exciting as it can be daunting.

First: Choose the visa that is right for you.

There are various visa pathways available for migrants and identifying the visa policy that will allow you to follow your plan for New Zealand is an important strategic first step to get you started in the right direction.

You may choose one of the 3 Skilled Migration pathways or qualify under one of the family-based categories such as the Parent, Parent Retirement, Partner or Dependent Child categories - or you can migrate to New Zealand as an entrepreneur or investor.

Second: Find a job.

Most of our clients qualify under the skill and job-based immigration policies. The prerequisite for these visa policies is a job or an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand.

How working with us will give you a head start for your move to New Zealand:

Your visa application

Ensure the seamless processing of your visa application.

  • Develop and follow your immigration strategy together with your Licensed Immigration Adviser based on your personal plans and your preferred timing for your move.
  • Align your visa strategy with your job search strategy if your application falls under the Skilled Migrant visa policy.
  • Get your documents ready early to expedite the visa application verification process.
  • Let our Licensed Immigration Advisers prepare and submit a flawless visa application for you, handle the process and liaise with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf.

Your job search

Cooperate closely with your Job Search Consultant to actively pursue employment opportunities that not only empower you to begin your life in New Zealand but also establish the necessary foundation for your visa application.

  • Develop your job search strategy alongside our Job Search Consultant to identify your strengths in the New Zealand job market and optimize their effective presentation and utilization
  • Ensure your job search aligns seamlessly with your visa requirements
  • Transfer your overseas skills into a format that is understood and appreciated in New Zealand: Tailor your CV and cover letter to make a lasting impression on New Zealand employers
  • Get professional insight into technical and cultural aspects of job hunting in New Zealand: Attend our Job Search Webinars
  • Tap into the Hidden Job Market and start networking with key players in your industry
  • Publish your professional profile on our Candidate Board and get exposure to employers and recruiters
  • Utilize our Job Board to browse current job openings and express your interest in upcoming opportunities

Establish a sound foundation for your move to New Zealand.

We are here to help you navigate your immigration journey and avoid unnecessary delays, costs and stress.

Our advice to you: Start working with our visa and job search teams now to make the most of the time before your arrival!

A lot of work can be done before you leave your home country.

  • Attend our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinar to get started
  • Develop your immigration and job hunt strategies
  • Get document ready
  • Work with your Job Search Consultant on becoming the best candidate you can be in the NZ job market
  • Get to know the New Zealand job market
  • Attend our Job Search Webinars
  • Start your active job application process and fine-tune your applications as you progress
  • Start networking with key players in your industry

We start working with our clients well ahead of their arrival in New Zealand.

Knowing that the big step you are about to take is well-prepared and based on solid groundwork will give you peace of mind and the confidence that you will hit the ground running.

Ask us how you can get ready for your move: Send us our Free Assessment form and join our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinar.

Migrate to New Zealand with NZIC:

Partnering with us ensures a smoother journey for your move to New Zealand by leveraging our expertise and support throughout the immigration process:


Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will evaluate your migration prospects to New Zealand, using the information you have provided in our free assessment form.

If we assess your chances of migrating as good, we will invite you to join our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinar.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will establish your immigration strategy tailored to your personal and professional background.

We will gather all necessary documents in the required format to ensure that you will be document-ready.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will prepare and submit your visa application, liaise with Immigration New Zealand and follow through to completion.

Our Job Search Consultants will partner with you to access employment opportunities in the New Zealand job market.

We will work with you on becoming the strongest candidate you can be, using your full professional potential, and guide you through the intricacies of the New Zealand job application process.

Access the New Zealand job market and publish your professional profile.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers and Job Search Consultants will align your visa application process with your job search to empower you to find a job in New Zealand and get the necessary visa. We work with you on solving the Catch-22 dilemma: no job - no visa, and no visa - no job.

Do you want to move to New Zealand?

Complete our Free Assessment form and join our Immigration and Job Hunt Webinar to discover how you can start your immigration process now.

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The great work done before our arrival in New Zealand has surely helped to achieve this quick positive result. NZIC are really professional and know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. That is so convenient and efficient! I would like to thank them again for their help and support.  Thank you.  Kind Regards.

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I got a great job in a great city.  Carsten and his team were very thorough and helpful when it came time to apply for and get our visas. They are now helping us with our resident visas, and I'm certain that the process will be the same. I'd recommend them highly.

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NZIC guided me all the way through getting my first work visa to permanent residency. Their job seeking support was key when I first arrived in NZ, communication was always easy and clear. I'm very thankful for their help and definitely recommend their services.

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Dear Jannie, just want to drop a note to thank for your everything. Your help is much appreciated! You are a wonderful and professional job search coach! I am so lucky to have you supporting me!

Hong Kong