Which New Zealand Visa is right for you?

There is a broad range of visa options available for your stay in New Zealand.

The type of visa you will need for your stay in New Zealand depends on your plans.

Resident Visas and Temporary Visas

Do you need a Permanent Resident Visa or a Temporary Visa? Do you want to work, join your family, run your own business or retire? For how long do you want to stay in New Zealand?

Resident Visas for New Zealand

If you want to live in New Zealand forever or long-term you will need a Resident Visa.

Visas to become a New Zealand resident:

Skilled Migrant Category

This visa policy is New Zealand's most popular option for becoming a permanent resident.  You will need a sound professional background and find a job in New Zealand.

Business and Investor Visas

Are you an entrepreneur and want to buy or establish and run your own business, or do you want to invest your funds in New Zealand?  
Then one of the Business and Investor Resident Visas might be the best option for you.

Family Visas

Does your partner live in New Zealand as resident or citizen? Are you a parent of a NZ permanent resident or citizen? You might be able to join them in New Zealand under one of the Family Visa policies.

Retirement Visas

If you are planning to make the most of New Zealand's beautiful lifestyle by spending your retirement years in our country, you might want to choose a Retirement pathway.

Employees of a Relocating Business Visa

Are you an employee of a business that is relocating to New Zealand? You might qualify for an if you do not qualify under any of the other visa policies.

Residence from Work

If your talents are needed by New Zealand employers, you have an exceptional talent in a field of art, culture or sport, are a religious worker, or are working in an area of identified absolute occupational shortage in New Zealand you might qualify under the Residence from Work policy.

Temporary Visas for New Zealand

Temporary entry visas facilitate the entry of genuine visitors, students and temporary workers.

Visas allowing you to be in Zealand for a limited time:

Work Visas

If you are looking for a job and want to take up employment in New Zealand temporarily, you will need a work visa.

Entrepreneur Work Visa

This visa is for experienced business people who want to work in their own business in New Zealand. It allows you to buy or set up your own business in an initial 12-month start-up stage, and then work in that business for up to 3 years. If your business is successful, you may be eligible to apply for residence.

Family Based Work Visas

Most types of work visas allow you to support visas for your partner and dependent children. If your partner is a NZ citizen, resident or work visa holder, you might qualify for a work visa.

Visitor Visas

If you want to enjoy New Zealand on a holiday, you might need a visitor visa.  Citizens from some countries (so-called visa waiver countries) do not need to apply for a visitor visa before their arrival. As a holder of a visitor visa, you are not allowed to work in New Zealand.

Student Visas

If you want to come to New Zealand to study for more than three months you will need a Student Visa.

Children of work visa holders might be able to obtain student visas, which will allow them to attend a school in New Zealand

Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa

Parents and legal guardians can visit New Zealand to live with and care for their children who are studying in New Zealand.

Post-study Work Visas

If you have completed an acceptable qualification in New Zealand, you can apply for a Post-Study Work Visa.

Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa

If you have a job offer from a Recognised Seasonal Employer, you can come to New Zealand for a short time to work in our horticulture and viticulture industries.

Who is considered a genuine applicant?

An applicant for temporary entry is a person who genuinely intends a temporary stay in New Zealand for a lawful purpose.

This applicant is also called a bona-fide applicant.

Before you can get a visa or enter New Zealand to visit, work or study we check that your reasons for coming here are genuine and that you intend to stay for a limited time only

Sponsorship for temporary entry

Sponsorship for a temporary entry visa application ensures that applicants have means of support in New Zealand.

It protects New Zealand's public systems from the potential cost of the visa holder seeking support or government assistance they are not entitled to.
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New Zealand Citizenship

"How can I become a citizen of New Zealand?"

The term "Citizenship" is often used in a non-technical way, when migrants are looking for a visa that will allow a long-term stay in New Zealand.

New Zealand's immigration law refers to permanent residence in the context of migrants obtaining a long-term visa, as opposed to citizenship, a status granted by Te Tari Taiwhenua | Department of Internal Affairs.

Once you are a New Zealand citizen you will be eligible to apply for a New Zealand passport.

There are four ways of becoming a New Zealand citizen:

  • Citizenship by birth in New Zealand
  • Citizenship by descent
  • Adoption
  • Citizenship by grant

Only the latter is relevant for immigrants.

Read more about New Zealand Citizenship

Read more about Visas for New Zealand:

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