How to Job Search in New Zealand

How can you find a job in New Zealand?

Our Job Search Experts are here for you to explain the "How-to" of job searching in New Zealand.


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How to write a New Zealand CV

What you consider a well-tailored and comprehensive CV, could be seen differently in New Zealand. The cultural differences in CV writing are vast and easy to underestimate. 

When applying for a job in New Zealand, your CV is likely to be competing with 40 to 100 other candidates. Employers often don't have much time to do a thorough review, therefore they will look for what they consider to be the most important information. Understanding and adapting to what they are most interested in is crucial. This will require continuous fine-tuning of your applications based on the feedback - or lack thereof - that you receive from potential employers.



How to write a New Zealand Cover Letter

Your cover letter will be your first point of contact with employers. You want to get them interested in your CV and give them a good reason to invite you to an interview.  



How to network the New Zealand way

New Zealand's labour market is mostly based on a network of contacts and professional connections. 

According to Careers NZ, a government agency, only 1 out of 5 employers advertise their job vacancies online. Most jobs are not advertised, and finding out about them depends solely on who you know. 

Networking is crucial for your job hunt in New Zealand! 

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How to job search during the Corona Crisis

Tips from our Job Search Coach on how to pro-actively work on your job search while the borders are still closed!




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Jane Orsman, one of our Job Search Coaches, shares tips on how to improve your chances of obtaining that crucial job offer in a highly competitive New Zealand job market. 


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