Resident Visas and Temporary Visas

Do you need a Permanent Resident Visa or Temporary Visa? Do you want to work, join your family or study?

For how long do you want to stay in New Zealand? 

The type of visa you will need for your stay in New Zealand depends on your plans.


Resident Visas

There are a number of visa policies for migrants who want to stay in New Zealand longterm: 


Temporary Visas

If you want to be in New Zealand for a limited time, one of the following options might be right for you: 


New Zealand Citizenship

If you already are a New Zealand permanent resident you might be eligible to apply for New Zealand Citizenship.



Each Visa Policy has specific requirements.

Depending on your plans for New Zealand, we will be able to determine which visa type will suit you best:


Skilled Migrant Policy: You need to have an offer of skilled employment.

Entrepreneur Visas: You need to establish and run a business. 

Investor Visas: You will have to place an investment.

Family Visas: You need to have close family connections in New Zealand. 

Study Visas: You need to prove that you are enrolled to do a course with an education provider.

Working Holiday Visas: You need to be a citizen of a country participating in this scheme.


To ensure that every aspect of your visa process is covered, we are offering a full spectrum of support services: 

Visa Advice, Job Search Assistance and Business Advice.

You will be working with a team of Licensed Immigration Advisers, Job Search Professionals and Business Specialists,  obtaining the comprehensive assistance you will need to make your migration a success.


Are you eligible for a resident visa under Skilled Migrant Category?

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