The Parent Category

The Parent Category

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) reopened the Parent resident visa category in February 2020 with new requirements.

1,000 residence places will be available annually under the category. 

Other changes from the current Parent Resident Visa criteria include:

  • Tier Two of the category will be removed;
  • The settlement funds and the guaranteed lifetime income financial eligibility criteria will be removed;
  • The new financial requirements for the Parent resident visa can only be met through the income of the sponsor (child) and their partner.

Here are the new financial requirements based on a median salary of NZ$53,040:



Expected Income Thresholds

One sponsor for one parent

NZD $106,080

Two times the median salary

One sponsor for two parents

NZD $159,120

Three times the median salary

Sponsor and partner  for one parent

NZD $159,120

Three times the median salary

Sponsor and partner for two parents

NZD $212,160

Four times the median salary

Guaranteed lifetime income of 1 applicant or for a couple

Not necessary in the new parent category

Settlement funds

Not necessary in the new parent category


  1. Sponsors will be required to provide evidence of their annual income through Inland Revenue tax statements, and that they’ve met it for two out of the three years before the application is lodged, and
  2. The sponsorship period will be formally aligned with the New Zealand Superannuation residency eligibility requirement.

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