What kind of visa do you need?

The kind of visa you need for New Zealand depends on your plans. Do you want to stay long term or for a limited time and do you want to work or have a holiday?

What kind of visa do you need?

Do you wonder what kind of visa you will need for New Zealand?

The type of visa you need for New Zealand depends on your plans.

Compare the different options to find out which visa is right for you. 

Please note: New Zealand's visa policies are complex. To ensure that you are on the right track, we recommend that you ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers to confirm your best option for obtaining the visa that will be necessary for your stay in New Zealand. 


Do you want to stay longterm or for a limited time only, and do you want to work or have a holiday?

If you want to live in New Zealand longterm you will need a Resident Visa. 

For short term stays a Temporary Visa will be sufficient. 


Apply for a Resident Visa for New Zealand:

The Skilled Migrant Category

The most common policy is the Skilled Migrant Category policy. This pathway is right for you if you are planning to live and work in New Zealand. You will need a sound professional background and find a job in New Zealand. 

Business and Investor Policies

Are you an entrepreneur and want to buy or establish and run your own business in New Zealand?  Then one of the Business and Investor policies might be the best option for you. 

Partnership Visa

If your partner is a New Zealand resident or citizen, you might qualify for a resident visa under Partnership policy. 

Visas for Parents and Grandparents

There are a number of visa options for parents of New Zealand residents or citizens to help them join their family in  New Zealand.

Retirement Visa

If you are planning to make the most of New Zealand's beautiful lifestyle by spending your retirement years in this country, you might want to choose this pathway.

Visa for Employees of a Relocating Business

This category grants residence to employees of businesses relocating to New Zealand, who do not qualify for residence under any of the other existing categories.


Apply for a Temporary Visa for New Zealand:

Visitor Visa 

If you want to enjoy New Zealand on a holiday, you might need a visitor visa. Citizens from some countries so-called visa waiver countries,  do not need to apply for a visitor visa before their arrival. As a holder of a visitor visa, you are not allowed to work in New Zealand. 

Work Visa 

If you are looking for a job and want to take up employment in New Zealand, you will need a work visa.  

Student Visa 

If you want to come to New Zealand to study for more than three months you will need a Student Visa.

Children of work visa holders might be able to obtain student visas, which will allow them to attend a school in New Zealand. 

Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa 

Parents and legal guardians can visit New Zealand to live with and care for their children who are in New Zealand on a student visa. 

Work and Travel Visa - Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa allows young citizens of approved countries to holiday in New Zealand and takes up limited employment or studies. 



New Zealand Citizenship

There are four ways of becoming a New Zealand citizen, only one of them is relevant for migrants.

The term Citizenship is often used in a non-technical sense when describing the term "Residence Visa".



Important! Please note: Different visa types will entitle you to different levels of rights and access to public services.

Compare the different benefits they provide!


Can you apply for a visa for New Zealand?

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Talk to our Job Search Professionals about finding a job that suits your professional background and ask our Licensed Immigration Advisers whether that job will entitle you to a visa.

Read more about becoming a New Zealand resident through the Skilled Migrant Category:

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