Would you like us to offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

You probably like the idea of getting a full refund of our fees. We think that is a fair thought.  

But on second thought:

If your goal is to migrate to New Zealand, you do not want your money back! You want to find a job and get a visa and put all our efforts and focus into making that happen!

Here is why we think that we offer you a far the better deal:

We focus 100% on your success!

1. We are going to build a solid base for your arrival.

Our powerful immigration assistance is based on the principle that good preparation and a solid base are the best way forward for you.

Together we will build a solid base for you while you are still in your home country. Your documents can be collated and prepared under the guidance of our Licensed Immigration Advisers and you can prepare yourself for your active job hunt by building up know-how and confidence in your chances in the job market.

In the past some of our clients have found jobs while they were still in their home countries, but this is still not the norm. So we are not making any false promises here. By putting as much work as possible into getting you ready, you will eventually save money and nerves and get a powerful boost for a successful outcome of your migration endeavours.   

2. We are following through with highly effective coaching.

Once a solid foundation is in place, our focus will shift to actively supporting your job search, while at the same time ensuring that your visa application is going to be successful.

Our Job Search Professionals will continuously work with you on fine-tuning your job applications and coaching you throughout your job search process, while our Licensed Immigration Advisers prepare your visa application and support your employer. Both teams, our Job Search Team and our Visa Team, will work with you on finding a job and obtaining the relevant visa and on solving  the Catch 22 problem!

3. Our Fees are largely success dependent!

We are 100% committed to your success!

To demonstrate our commitment to your success, our fee structure is largely success based. By pre-assessing your professional and personal background carefully before entering into a written agreement with you, we ensure that we are only committing to a cooperation if we are convinced that your chances of being successful are realistically good.

By working with you we invest in your success! Our fees only become due in full, if we are successful. We firmly believe that our approach to your migration and the powerful fusion of our services will guarantee you the best outcome possible for your migration to New Zealand! Our powerful fusion of immigration assistance really works: This has been confirmed by many clients!

Find out more about our service fusion and our fee structure: Ask us for a Free Professional Assessment of your chances.

Client feedback:

"I really like the fact that half is charged only after the job has been secured, this shows me how confident you are with your process."

On another note: Can anyone guarantee you a successful outcome?

Even if we give you 100% support, there are factors that are outside of our reach:

Your visa application might fail if you have not disclosed any health problems or previous convictions to us at the start of our cooperation. On the job search side your success will ultimately depend on how well you will be able to present yourself to a New Zealand employer.

Our Advice: If anybody offers you a money back guarantee, study the fine print very carefully!

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