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Excerpt from the register of the New Zealand Companies Office:


Company number: 819179
Incorporation Date: 29 Jul 1996
Company Status: Registered
Entity type: NZ Limited Company

Company Addresses:
Registered Office
137 Milton Street, Nelson, New Zealand
Address for service
137 Milton Street, Nelson, New Zealand

Directors Showing 2 of 2 directors
137 Milton Street, The Wood, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
Martina Martha Margarete KOENNECKE
137 Milton Street, The Wood, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand

Physical address:
NZIC House
137 Milton Street
Nelson 7010
New Zealand


IRD number:

Dr Carsten Hallwass is a Licensed Immigration Adviser, licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority - Licence Number 200900212

Professional registration is compulsory for Immigration Advisers, whether they are working in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world:

Licensed Immigration Advisers are bound by the Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct 2010.

The New Zealand Immigration Authority, Immigration New Zealand does not accept visa applications from advisers who are not licensed by the IAA.


Most images and videos published on this website have been provided by New Zealand Story.

We thank the authors of the images used for their fantastic work:

David Straight, Damian Alexander, Rob Suisted, Chris Williams, Chris McLennan, Tourism New Zealand, Northern Station, Sara Orme, David Wall,, David Swanson, Destination Rotorua, Darryl Ward, Ballochdale Estate, Chris Sisarich,  Joseph Kelly

We also want to give credit to Haast River Safari

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