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Aileen Stewart
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About our Client

A  qualified, resourceful and empathetic registered nurse with broad, hospital, aged-care and IVF experience. Proven in clinical settings as a clear communicator who manages stressful situations adeptly and works well with multi-disciplinary teams. Committed to the well-being of patients, and the nursing and midwifery code of conduct. Professional, caring and fun, I consistently manage the demands of a busy unit as well as enjoy my time at work.  I easily absorb complex information and communicate uncomplicated, clearly and concisely to other healthcare staff, patients and families.


Key Strengths

· Broad clinical skills and experience

· Critical thinking, highly adaptable and resilient

· Committed to ongoing professional development and continuous quality improvement

· Organised with high-level attention to detail

· Naturally collaborative and supportive of colleagues

· Committed to positive health and well-being outcomes

· Sound communication and interpersonal abilities

Professional Experience

Registered Nurse, Edinburgh FertilityCentre, Scotland, December 2017- present

Comprehensive fertility care at a high standard of fertility and IVF/ICSI care regulated by the HFEA (human fertilisation and embryology authority). Working across infertility and IVF referrals.

· Providing emotional support to vulnerable and highly stressed patients

· Venipuncture and interpretation of the results to plan for treatments including donor insemination ovulation induction and natural monitoring of fertility cycles

· Providing telephone advice for patients and health professionals.

· Explanations and booking of further investigations.

· Drug administration and explanation of ovulation induction medications.

· Venipuncture, drug administration and teaching of self-injections, explanation of plans, planning of strictly timed oocyte (egg) retrieval.

· Theatre scrub nurse working one on one with the medical team on the recovery of oocytes and recovery post-operation care following oocyte recovery.

· Embryo transfers and ultrasound guidance for the medical team performing the procedure.

· Creating plans for patients following blood results in collaboration with the medical team, liaising with the anesthetic department, answering patient queries, giving HCG (pregnancy) blood results

· Comprehensive talk-through with prospective patients of the IVF process, giving patients a chance to talk through their concerns and questions.

EFREC professional development includes; Insights (infertility nurses conference), regular talks and lectures, how to break bad news, maternal life support

Registered Nurse, Acute Medical Receiving Unit Western General Hospital, Scotland, Jan 2015- Dec2017

A 16-cubicle area for initial assessment and admittance to a 33bedded ward area. Receives between 40-60 patients a day. Nursing staff worked across both medical assessments and ward areas.

· Triage and initial assignment in a busy acute receiving area.

· Escalation of care

· Initial emergency care and treatment -DKA treatment, Sepsis, Myocardial infarctions, asthma, resuscitation

· Collaborating with medical and multi-disciplinary teams and supporting specialties, providing handover of acute illnesses to infectious diseases, oncology, surgical, neurology and respiratory

· Supporting patient escorts to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (acute) or Royal Edinburgh(psychiatric)

· Admission, discharges, nursing assessment, accurate care planning and implementation.

· Nursing acutely ill patients, including; cardiac/respiratory monitors, monitoring DKA/sliding scales, medical emergencies, blood transfusions, IV fluids/medications, palliative care

ARAU professional development includes; ECG, Immediate Life Support(ILS), Nasogastric Insertion, Diabetic Ketone Acidosis, Child and adult CPR


Registered Nurse AcuteMedicine-Elderly, Western General Hospital, Scotland, Nov 2012 – Dec 2014

· A26-bedded inpatient ward for acute medical care for patients aged 65 +

· Clinical nursing assessment, planning and implementation of care for elderly patients to provide accurate care plans.

· Short-and long-term planning within a multi-disciplinary team.

· Patient advocacy and liaising with support services in the community

· Creating and maintaining professional relationships with patients and relatives

· Liaising with support services in the community.

· Complex discharge planning.

Professional development; Venipuncture, Intravenous therapy, PeripheralVenous Cannulation, ECG, Wound management and compression dressing, Diabetic Care, Catheter female and male.



Care Co-ordinator , Social Care Recruitment and Training (SCRT), Edinburgh, 2006-2009

· Managing a team of 10-15 carers and care packages within North Edinburgh.

· Roster management

· Supplying high-quality care through implementing training and ensuring a high standard of care planning.

· Building good professional relationships with staff, service users and relatives.

· Managing complaints and conflicts.

Payroll Assistant

· Processing timesheets and payroll

· Dealing with pay concerns.


Project Trust, The HamletFoundation, Johannesburg South Africa,

Living and working within a residential supported living centre for approximately 50 adults with learning difficulties. Many of who had been subject to abusive pasts and or abandoned due to their disabilities.Providing personal care and assisting with appointments(medical), social outings, emotional and social support and meal preparation.

St Bede's Pre and High schools

Living on site of a monastery, working within in a high and pre-schoolteaching basic computer,  pre-school assistant and playground assistant.




Technical Skills

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