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The NZIC Job Portal

An invitation to connect.

At New Zealand Immigration Concepts we connect global job seekers with New Zealand employers.

By pooling migrant job seekers and New Zealand job openings on our website we are facilitating the connection between our job searching clients and New Zealand businesses and recruiters.


"We are experiencing some severe issues with a lack of qualified candidates to fill roles and would like to find out what steps we need to take to bring in overseas employees through the visa process."
"We have 70+ vacancies for Dental Professionals!"
"The New Zealand market is completely dried out for IT Professionals."
“We urgently want builders and plumbers.”
“We have been without a Service Manager for 3 months and despite advertising for the entire period on Seek, Trademe, Facebook and on our website.  
At this stage we are losing customers due to a lack of ability to service their machines."

“There’s almost a catastrophic pharmacist shortage in New Zealand at the moment.”