Key Benefits of the Entrepreneur Work Visa

If you want to run your own business in New Zealand you will have to apply for a business visa, an Entrepreneur Visa. 


What are the Key Benefits for applicants under the Entrepreneur Policies?

There are a number of advantages for applicants who choose to apply for an Entrepreneur Work Visa in comparison to other visa types: 

  • You can either buy an existing business or set one up from scratch
  • You can chose a business that matches your entrepreneurial background
  • Your business can be located anywhere in New Zealand
  • You will not have to find a job and overcome the Catch22 hurdle
  • Relatively low minimum investment of NZ$100.00 required 
  • Minimum investment can be waived
  • Your partner will obtain an open Work Visa that entitles him/her to work for any business in New Zealand
  • Your partner can also be self employed
  • Primary and secondary school children will be classified as domestic students, so that high international student fees can be avoided
  • No age limit
  • Relatively low English language requirements.


The process: Your way to residence in New Zealand will be in two steps, from a three year work visa to your residence visa.


Step One:  The Entrepreneur Work Visa 

To apply for an Entrepreneur Work Visa you will have to:

  • establish a business or buy a business that suits your expectations and experience
  • write a business plan which will satisfy Immigration New Zealand
  • prepare and lodge your Entrepreneur Work Visa application according to New Zealand immigration law requirements.

In short, these are the key requirements for step one, the Entrepreneur Work Visa:

  • A minimum capital investment of NZ$100,000 (unless this requirement is waived) 
  • You must meet a minimum of 120 points for factors relating to the likely success of your proposed business and its value to New Zealand
  • You must have a business plan specific to your proposed business
  • You must not have been involved in bankruptcy or business failure, business fraud or financial impropriety
  • You must meat health, character and English language requirements.

Step Two:  The Entrepreneur Residence Visa  

After you have run your business successfully for at least two years, you can apply for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa. 
There is a fast-track option: You can apply after six months, provided you have invested at least NZ $ 500,000 in your business and created at least three full-time jobs for New Zealanders (investment and employment must be maintained for two years). 


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