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My move to New Zealand

UK migrant in NZ, Josie Maggie, tells all about moving to New Zealand and life in Wellington.

On her blog Lost in Silver Fern you can find honest, real and first hand information about moving to New Zealand from someone who has already been through the process.

About Josie

Josie is 29, from York in the UK and was living in London before her move to NZ. She now lives with her Australian partner in Wellington and is LOVING life in New Zealand.

Having found a lack of first hand personal information online about making the move to NZ, Josie decided it was a good time to share her experience in the hope that it will help others who are doing the same.

Alongside this, Lost in Silver Fern provides information about life in Wellington and travelling NZ. She works with locals, businesses and her own experiences to share advice about what to do in the city and wider NZ.

At New Zealand Immigration Concepts we think that Josie's blog is an excellent source of information, relevant for everybody considering migrating to New Zealand!

We recommend that you check out the Expat Advice Section of Lost in Silver Fern for posts such as:

Check out why Josie loves it so much in her posts:

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Get professional help for your migration process

Josie's blog will give you valuable insight from a migrant's point of view. You can read about her personal experience as migrant and newcomer to New Zealand and you can connect with her blog to get ongoing fantastic information.  

However, the migration process is complex and visa policies are constantly changing. Asking for professional help for your visa application and your job search in New Zealand will make the move a lot more straight forward for you.

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