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Migrating is an emotional journey

Migrating to a new country is a huge step and it is likely that you will go through lots of emotions during the process, but you are not alone.

Most migrants will experience several stages of emotions:

From being super happy about finally arriving in New Zealand, to sometimes missing your old life, family and friends, as well as finding some aspects of life unexpectedly different, you will eventually settle into your new life in New Zealand.

You have chosen to migrate to New Zealand for very good reasons and we can all relate to that. Most of our clients want a better lifestyle and improved living conditions for themselves and their families, and we think you are right to believe that New Zealand will offer you just that.

However, the move is never easy and most migrants will experience some degree of realisation that starting a new life  brings new challenges.

As a consequence, going through the phases of emotions, as shown in the graph below - from being ecstatic about finally arriving in New Zealand to realising that it takes some adjustments to actually settle in - is quite a common experience.

These are the emotional stages most migrants are going through, no matter where in the world they come from, and we can confirm from our own experience and from our many years of assisting migrants, that this is quite a realistic view of the pathway migrants will go through on their way to settling in New Zealand:

settlement curve diagram 0

It is important that you are persistent and believe in your goal to start a new life in New Zealand and you will make it through. Knowing that most migrants are going through exactly these stages, will help you.

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A good support team

Having a good support team on the ground in New Zealand will give you peace of mind.  We are all migrants in our team and can absolutely relate to the phases and emotions you are going to go through during your migration journey. Find out more about our team.

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