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Migrant Interviews

At the start of their migration journey migrants often ask us what to expect during the immigration process.

Who would be the best person to ask when wanting to find out what it is like to immigrate to New Zealand? The answer is obvious: Other migrants who have made the move!

So we have talked to migrants and former clients from a broad range of backgrounds who were all happy to share their migration experience with you.

Find out what their motives were for coming to New Zealand and for starting a new life, what they love about New Zealand, about difficulties they might have had to deal with and what their advice to you would be.

You will find a lot of useful information or even familiar scenarios you can relate to.

"In Germany you live to work and in New Zealand you work to live!"

NZIC: How long did it take for your 2 year old daughter to adapt to the language?  Daniela: 2 months. Then she was able to communicate properly with her teachers and friends.

"Happiest moment? Plenty! Waking up to the song of the Tuis every morning!"

Patrick and Joe from Germany

Patrick and Joe are now running the popular Beach Hostel in Punakaiki on the stunning West Coast of the South Island.

Yuri A. and Daniela B. from Genova, Italy

"The priorities are different. It depends what you are looking for.If you want to enjoy your day at the beach or in the mountains then that’s free."

Nigel and Lori J. from Canada

"And then my wife actually said well what about New Zealand? And it honestly hadn’t occurred to me until she pointed it out. So we started looking a bit more and it seemed to tick all the right boxes in terms of climate, population, work environment you know everything just seemed right, schooling for the kids and so that’s what made us settle on New Zealand."

Tanja and Armin A. from Germany

"In terms of my business, I am a self employed personal trainer, it is far more easy to deal with people in this country, in acceptance of prices what you charge, it is what it is and no one tried to get a bargain or try to deal with you and that’s completely different overseas."

Tip and Donna D. from Florida, USA

"As a nurse things were very different, all of the medications had different names, you know you have to learn the way things are done in your new country and adapt and adjust to that. It's just adapting to a new culture, socially and in your work, whatever your profession is."

Sophie B. from Spain

"We are planning to move in September, mid or end. We are going to move to Auckland, probably the North Shore, because the school we want to send our children to is on the North Shore." Find out why Sophie and her family decided to move to New Zealand from Spain!

Robert R., USA

"My first trip to NZ was in 1995 and I liked it so much I promised myself one day I would return to live here. It took us almost 20 years to accomplish but we finally did it."

Arko B. from India

NZIC: At what point did you decide to stay in NZ?
Arko: Well I think it was when the cars stopped to let a couple of ducks cross the road. I thought:  That's it I’m staying here!

Arko is now living in Nelson with his family. Read why Arko decided to live in New Zealand and how he established a successful restaurant business and new life in Nelson.

Christiane L., Nelson, New Zealand, formerly from Berlin, Germany

Christiane came to Nelson with her husband Andre and their two daughters. Together the family started a now very popular Frozen Yoghurt Cafe in Nelson: Yogis
NZIC: How would your life be different if you had stayed in Germany?
Christiane: More work, not as much family time.
Read more about the family's move to New Zealand and their Frozen Yoghurt Business.

Caroline Smith and her partner immigrated from Scotland

"Back in Scotland I was working usually a 60 hour week with a lot of on call hours. When we travelled through New Zealand we had an experience that really brought it home: It was about lunch time. We were driving by a beautiful beach and there were all these vans parked up and people had stopped for lunch and went for a surf. We thought that’s the kind of life that we want."

Heiko Wetzel from Germany

"People here are nice and friendly. They often have a smile on their face and yeah, are quite laid back, not in a negative way, they do their work and everything, but they always have time to chat and that is great."

Francois B.

Hi, Thank you for this quick and complete response. My family and I are really happy to be together again. The kids are really excited to be here even if the weather is really bad today and for the next days to come...

Heike P.

Heike and her family moved from Germany to South Africa and then on to New Zealand.

Heike says: "The planning ahead is difficult because of the issue that if you are not here you can't find work but if you are here you need to have a visa and if you don’t have the right visa you also will not find a job."

June B. from Germany

"... for me personally I feel I just have a much better lifestyle. Less working hours and more time for family and friends."

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