Why should you get immigration support?

Why should you get professional support for your immigration to New Zealand? 

Because it will give you peace of mind, save you time and money and will make your process as smooth as possible. 


Many of our clients have confirmed that they would have found it difficult to navigate the migration process without expert assistance.

"I feel so much more relaxed now that I know an expert team will be handling my affairs. It is a nightmare to try and figure everything out on your own."  Nadia DP 


We will make the visa application process a lot easier for you!

The visa application process is complex and liaising with Immigration New Zealand and other authorities involved in your process can be daunting, even if English is your first language.

Choosing the right visa type and submitting a perfect visa application is vital for the success of your visa process. 

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will listen to your plans for New Zealand and help you decide which pathway to choose for your migration: a Skilled Migrant visa, a Business visa or a Family-based visa. 

We will manage your entire visa application process for you and your family and take care of all formalities involved from start to finish.


We will make your job search in New Zealand a lot easier for you!

Our Job Search Professionals know the New Zealand job market inside and out. They are well connected with a broad range of key players in various industries and familiar with all modern job search technics. 

Does it help your job search if you have engaged a Licensed Immigration Adviser?


Your New Zealand employer will experience the hands-on support from both service divisions and will be assured that you are the best candidate for the job vacancy. 

Many of our successful job search clients have confirmed that the fact that they have enlisted the support of a Licensed Immigration Adviser made a huge difference.  

Most New Zealand employers are daunted by the thought of having to go through the visa application process with you.

From our experience recruiters and employers will be a lot more open to considering you as a serious job applicant if your visa matters are in professional hands!

And another reason why job applicants who work with a Licensed Immigration Adviser are preferred candidates:

Using a Licensed Immigration Adviser shows your commitment to finding a job in New Zealand: A convincing argument for your New Zealand employer! 



Our experience will help you maximise your chances!

Having a team of professionals working with you will maximise your chances for a successful outcome and help you avoid expensive mistakes.

By acquiring the services of our Licensed Immigration Advisers, Job Search Professionals and Business Specialists you will have many years of experience working for you:

  • over 24 years of experience of working with migrants to New Zealand; 
  • over 24 years of knowledge of immigration regulations;
  • over 24 years of knowledge of the New Zealand job market.



Working with us will save you time and money.

Our fees are a sound investment in your future.

Not only will you have peace of mind, knowing that your immigration process is in capable hands and that you have a strong support team working alongside you, but you will also speed up the process considerably.

Migrant quote: 'Once I arrive in New Zealand every day will count for me and will be eating into my savings, so I need to make sure that I can start working as soon as possible. '

Working with us will save you time, nerves and money and give you a real head start, ensuring that you do not have to use up your savings while trying to establish yourself in New Zealand.

By the time you arrive in New Zealand, together we will have built a solid base for your new life in our country and you will be in a strong position to truly hit the ground running.

Ask our Employer Accreditation Expert

If you want to find out how to become an Accredited Employer, contact Dr Carsten Hallwass, the Business Adviser in our team.

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