Your Job Hunt and the Catch 22 Dilemma

How can you find a job if you do not have a visa?

The Catch 22 Dilemma does not only affect your visa application process (you need a job to get a visa), but it also makes your job hunt in New Zealand a lot more difficult.


If you do not have a work visa yet, you will come across a range of difficulties during your search for a job in New Zealand. 

The following three different scenarios show the far-reaching consequences of the Catch 22 Dilemma from a migrant's, recruiter's and employer's perspective:


The Catch 22 from a Migrant perspective: 

"Hi Anna, My husband Paul and I have been exploring the possibility of emigrating to New Zealand.

We have already been advised that we would require job offers to secure visas.

The biggest challenge we are encountering is in applying for vacancies in New Zealand. Do you offer assistance in this regard?"


Catch 22 feedback from a Recruiter: 

'Dear S. Thank you for your recent application for work in New Zealand. While the New Zealand market is currently seeking skilled candidates, most employers prefer to interview candidates face to face rather than conduct phone or video conference interviews.

It is also preferred that you already are eligible to work in New Zealand and be available within four weeks.

Please get back in contact with us once you have obtained either residency or a work permit and we would be only too happy to assist.

Good luck with your job search. Regards, RG, Recruiter, Wellington'


Catch 22 and Employer reservations:

Many employers have reservations about going through the relatively lengthy, complicated and bureaucratic visa application process in support of a migrant candidate.

This might make it difficult for you to convince a potential employer that you are still the best candidate for the role. 



And now a case study to show you that our Service Fusion actually works!   

Our Client:

"Good evening! This morning I phoned Ruth W. from X. I have let her know that we are in daily contact. I also told her that from my perspective, all is in excellent shape, and I am confident we will receive an answer to the work visa application very soon.

She mentioned that she wants me to start next week. I have a feeling that they are not willing to wait any longer. Ruth is very keen to know in which phase we are and how things are looking. Could you please give her a quick update on the current situation?

 Thank you very much.

Kind regards, Christopher."


Our Licensed Immigration Adviser: 

"Good morning Christopher. Sorry to have woken you this morning!!  As discussed,  your work visa has been approved - congratulations!  Attached is the confirmation we have received from Immigration New Zealand.  Please print this document and keep with your passport at all times.  

We wish you luck on your first day! 

Kind regards, Carsten Hallwass, Licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser."


The Employer: 

"WOW, Totally awesome Christopher. So thrilled for you that you get to have your dream to come true and you get to work in New Zealand.  And for us here at X, we are thrilled that you will be working for us now.

Thank you so much for all you have done to achieve this great result. Please thank Maj and the other members of the team who have all done their part in achieving a work permit for such a fine young man as Christopher is.

This is certainly a wonderful day! 

Have a great one too and kindest regards, Ruth W. | Director."


Our Client:

"Hello Carsten!

Yeah. A dream has come true and I am so happy!
I cannot wait to join the X. team. :-)

Thank you very much for your help and support in this challenging time.
I really appreciate all you have done for me. 

Kind regards, Christopher" 



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