Cost of Living in New Zealand

Cost of Living in New Zealand 

New migrants generally find that New Zealand offers a better balance between cost of living and lifestyle than they had before.

Housing in New Zealand is often found to be more reasonable than in many parts of Asia, Europe and North America.

New Zealand produces a wide range of competitively priced consumer goods of a similar style and quality to those found overseas.

The items we do need to import such as motor vehicles, electrical and computer equipment and petroleum products are priced similarly to or, in many cases, are cheaper than in other comparable countries.

While bargains can be found during frequent retail sales, overall the cost of individual items doesn’t vary markedly between regions.

Mercer’s 2012 Cost of Living Survey ranks cities worldwide – 1st place being the most expensive place to live. The survey lists Auckland (56) and Wellington (74). More expensive cities included Sydney (11), London (25) and New York (33) – showing that comparatively, New Zealand’s major metropolitan areas are more affordable than those in other countries.

In New Zealand a Goods and Service Tax (GST) of 15% applies to everything except income and financial transactions.


To give you an idea of the standard cost of consumer items in New Zealand, here are some examples in New Zealand dollars.

Washing machine


42" LED-LCD Flat Screen

Movie ticket

Golf: Round of golf
18 holes

Cup of coffee (Flat white)


Pair of Jeans 

Milk (2 Litres)



Car Ford Focus

(2.0L, 5 door)


Car insurance

Litre of petrol
NZ $2.00-$2.25
(Prices fluctuate)


Big Mac



Source: New Zealand Immigration Service


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