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Project Manager


Exciting opportunity for a Project Manager

About this role:

As a Project Manager you need to come from an interiors, refurb and light/medium commercial construction background gained from a main contractor of at least 10 years. You need to be able to problem solve, think through what if scenarios and potential challenges and deliver prompt solutions. The Project Managerer is engaged from early design and build stages and set up, so they are on board from the very beginning and familiar with all stakeholder inputs, so experience worked with design & build projects is preferred. You’’ll be overseeing a site team, managing all reporting, ensuring all contractual obligations are met, stakeholder management and reporting to a Director.

This is a great opportunity for a Project Manager looking for a bit more and that is open to chatting to an interiors project management company with progressive and workable client solutions.

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Job listing published:
June 11, 2024

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