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Candidate Details

Name :

Krishna Kanth Yalamanchili
Qualification :
Software Engineer / Data Architect
Industry :
Enterprise Architect
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Software Engineer / Data Architect

About our Client

Enterprise Architect with experience in client server applications and EAI implementations in the Financial, Health Care, Wireless/Wire-line, Energy and Insurance industries. Extensive experience in Project Management, Architecture,Design, Development and testing of heterogeneous applications across multiple environments. Skilled in delivering high quality products featuring reusable/extensible/high-performant and scalable components. Enthusiastic and supportive team member with excellent communication, collaboration and presentation skills and capable of leading teams throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.Qualified with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida.


• Performed risk escalation and re-design of mapping architecture to move to more cloud native tools. Thereby reducing the project tool footprint by 50% and saving 100s of 1000s of dollars in licensing costs.

• Achieved well architected analysis on AWS based applications to identify deficiencies and make recommendations as part of the AWS2.0   project which reduced the company's technical debt management costs by 90%.

• Introduced Micro Frontend architecture to achieve design/runtime independence and UI framework abstraction, reducing development time by50% and simplified overall enterprise technical strategy.

• Created target state Architecture keeping in mind enterprise goals which helped in identifying roadmaps to create stable applications and reduced enterprise business capability development costs by70%

• Established a technical reference model for development tools based on clear capability to tool mapping resulting in reducing the number of incidents of technology changes because of improper selection, thereby reducing project cost by 50% and increasing time to market by 90%

• Simplified technology selection process by reducing number of questions from around 100 to 5 and time from a few weeks to around a couple of days. reducing the number of man hours needed by development teams from an average of 50 hrs to 2 hrs per request

•  Created and streamed line code review and design documentation process for agile projects which reducing rework by 90%, costs by90% and increased time to market by 90% without compromising on quality

• Created a unit testing framework for TIBCO BW based agile projects and proposed and enabled a CI/CD pipeline for TIBCO BW based agile projects, reducing development and deployment costs by 90%

• First one to develop heat maps of applications within portfolios so that the portfolio owners know risks and improvement opportunities to operate the business more efficiently and smoothly, reducing application maintenance costs by 50% and mitigated risks by 50%.

• Introduced complex event processing (CEP) for implementing guaranteed delivery manager (GDM).

• Managed end-to-end activities of GDM while coding most of the components, cutting error identification, bug presentation, bug fix, and replay activity and production support activity costs by 2/3rd

• Took the initiative of service-oriented architecture(SOA) as part of company’s goal towards creating reusable components, cutting enterprise development costs by about 70%.

• Pioneered 12-factor compliance program in preparation for enterprise cloud onboarding, reducing overall cloud program costs by 50%and delivered applications 2x faster

Professional Experience

Software Engineer/Data Architect April 2020 – present

• Lead valuation process migration to the cloud (Amazon Web Services) as part of ACDM project

• Analyse existing on-premise processes to assess the correct path for cloud migration, analyseCOBOL copybook and SSIS packages, write SQL queries for valuation comparisons with intermediate formats and write out extracts

• DevelopIICS (Informatica Cloud) mappings, mapping tasks and connections for valuation files and data transfer processes

• DevelopAWS DMS (Data Migration Service) processes to perform point in time and change data capture loads from on-premise to cloud and develop Apache Airflow-based triggers and orchestration processes

•  CreateAWS Aurora, Redshift, Athena related tables, views and queries/stored procedures

• Worked on AWS step functions, lambda, CFTs, IAM, S3, Cloudberry, SQL workbench and workspaces.

•  DevelopPython code for data compression, Airflow DAGs, data profiling and data transfer and manage the code via source control tools GitHub and MicrosoftVisual Studio TFVC.

• Create necessary service requests, test the processes for data accuracy and valuation match and promote all of the above mentioned jobs and related objects to production.

• Design and develop data transfer, data integrity, data quality and other data-related patterns and architecture diagrams using Visio

• Manage project schedule for valuation part of the cloud migration project

• Continuously assess solutions and recommend improvements based on schedule, resources, scope changes, budget and priorities while not losing sight of critical architectural elements like efficiency, cost-effectiveness, security, stability and long-term sustainability.

•  Lead end-to-end valuation migration to the cloud and provide data and application architecture.


SoftwareEngineer/Solutions Architect/Architect IV/Portfolio Architect Oct 2012 - May 2020

• Provided solutions and managed design changes as a result of evolving business capabilities across WLC portfolio.

•  Created and maintained solution blueprints for existing and new applications, create a retirement plan for applications slated for retirement and a transition plan for applications slated to move to the cloud (AWS)

• Created heat maps to determine application vulnerabilities and simplified processes like TSP and TRM.

•  Created application architecture assessment using 12-factor principles

• Recorded APIs for SOA services in a centralised registry

• Created and maintained micro services architecture for modern green field projects

• Created application technical design documents and business requirements-solution matrix documents

•  Worked with business teams to understand any new requirements, strategies or any risks and with senior management to understand future technical strategy

• Developed web services and other snippets of code using TIBCO, Java, AWS, Python and other technical tools as part of regular product development and proof of concepts

• Carried out extensive testing and ensured production deployment was successful and verified

•  Setup and used BW unit for testing TIBCO based processes

•  Created and managed rules and rule sets (profiles) for static code analysis tools likeCrucible, SONAR Qube, CAST and Dynatrace

•  Designed and developed solutions at project level as well as patterns at enterprise level for reuse

• Produced Software Architecture following TOGAF principles while making sure all patterns and application metrics were tracked in HOPEX/MEGA tool for analysing performance, stability and security

• DevelopedCI/CD pipeline using JIRA, Service Now, Maven, Jenkins, Puppet and Nexus

• Coordinated across multiple teams like project teams, Security architecture teams, COE teams and other enterprise architecture teams to deliver an effective solution

• Researched market trends for problems that could not be solved with existing solution catalogue and tools

•  Mentored junior architects on processes, procedures and principles of architecture that the company adheres to

•  Proposed innovative solutions where ever appropriate based on project appetite

• Contributed to architecture review groups by reviewing solutions and recommending adjustments

•  Use other tools including Docker, Kubernetes, VM, Gem Fire, Apache, Tomcat, Kafka and Tableau


Software Engineer Jan2011- May 2012

• Provided solutions architecture and develop services for unified platform project

• Developed and tested various web services using TIBCO BW (Business Works)/EMS with the help of supporting tools like JDK, gem fire and ant

• Produced technical design documents, interface design documents and used case scenarios and test cases

• Part of the architectural review board to assess any potential risks in architecture


SoftwareEngineer/Programmer Analyst Oct 2005- Jan 2011

•  Provided expertise in any part of SDLC (especially in design, development and testing)for various heterogeneous application integration projects

• Developed and tested various Health Care, Financial, Telecommunications/Wireless andElectric related software programs/web services


• Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

• Bachelor of Technology in Electronics andCommunications Engineering

• Certified AWS Solutions Architect

• MIT SLOAN certified in AI


• Involved in a small scale back yard organic vegetable and fruit garden and give away some of my produce to educate and encourage people to grow their own food.

• Volunteered at “Habitat for humanity” as part of employer SERVE program

• Enjoy playing cricket over the weekends

8 Very enthusiastic star gazer. (Always keen to see something new)


Technical Skills

• Highly proficient in Cloud Architecture (AWS), Complex Event processing (CEP), ServiceOriented Architecture (SOA), Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Micro ServicesArchitecture, Artificial Intelligence and HTAP

• Highly skilled in implementing Agile, Waterfall and Unified Process based projects

• Software Development/ Programming: Expert level skills in developing web services, Event based/Time based processes, complex logic based components, orchestration processes and many more types of jobs using integration tools. Deep programming experience in building functional tests, performance tests, integration tests and end-to-end test scripts. Extensive experience in building end-to-end CI/CD pipelines for building, scanning and deploying code. Very good working experience in version control management.

• Architecture life cycle: Understanding and Converting business requirements and nonfunctional requirements into respective technical capabilities, identifying appropriate security models and infrastructure, defining architecture for these capabilities to be highly performant and scalable, and making sure these capabilities are reliable as well as enterprise worthy.

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