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Name :

Michael Ellum
Qualification :
Secondary School Teacher
Industry :
English - Media Studies - Drama
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Secondary School Teacher

About our Client

Approachable and forward-thinking UK Trained Secondary School Teacher with almost 3 years of experience in teaching English (Year 7 – 13), Media Studies (Year 12 & 13), and Drama (Year 7 – 10) to students from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds. Enjoy working as a supportive team member and have a genuine love of teaching English and supporting students to reach their potential. Committed to achieving maximum student progress through acknowledgement of previous attainment and Special Education Needs (SEN). Am known for my ability to remain calm under pressure and foster a positive learning environment. Qualified with a Post graduate certificate in Teaching English, and a BA in Film and Television.


  • To date have supported four exam classes in making good progress for their final exams and coursework, a number gaining the highest grade possible
  • Success in building rapport and a positive attitude to learning in students from a particularly challenging class
  • Lead Teacher at the school’s Media Studies A-Level, including structuring a two-year scheme to be delivered by two teachers
  • Organised and produced remote training materials for the University of York PGCE programme and led the follow-up online seminar
  • Ensured that interruption of education to students was minimised as much as possible due to Covid through organising and producing easily accessible remote learning materials
  • Delivered a presentation to international delegates about access arrangements for exams

Professional Experience

Teacher of English, Sept 2019 – present

State secondary school with approximately 1600 students, recognised as The Sunday Times Comprehensive School of the Decade in 2020

• Teach English to Key Stages 3 and 4 (ages 11-16), Media Studies to Key Stage 5 (ages16-18) and Drama to Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) and foster a love for each of these subjects

• Work closely with colleagues in the department to create a rich and interlinked journey of English through the school and collaborate on resources for this

• Plan lessons and prepare resources to achieve maximum pupil progress, differentiating appropriately according to previous attainment and special education needs (SEN).

• Mark assessments, provide formative feedback for students and set purposeful homework exercises

• Taught students remotely via Microsoft Teams during periods of lockdown and set individual work for students isolating

• As lead Media Studies teacher, create work schemes, and guide Key Stage 5 Media Studies students through sizeable coursework assignments, offering feedback in line with exam board guidelines.

• Mark Media Studies coursework, produce training documents to support other teachers and lead coursework marking sessions

• Participate in parents’ evenings and keep parents/guardians up to date with student’s progress and engagement

• Continue professional development through participating in training and standardisation meetings at school, as well as attending online seminars and presenting material to colleagues

• Pastoral duties as a form tutor as well as to other students under my care

• Log student attendance, as well as positive and negative behaviour in school systems

• Supervisory duties during break times and after school

• Support and provide feedback to trainee teachers at the school

• As exams were cancelled in 2021, was responsible for the marking end of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 assessments and determining GCSE and A-Level grades for students with the Head of Department in line with school policy

Before completing my teaching qualification, I was employed as a Compliance Officer (2014- 2018) and Exam Processing Administrator (2014 – 2016) with Cambridge Assessment, UK,

• Handled situations considered ‘outside the norm’ for students sitting exams, including safeguarding concerns, exam access arrangements, modified exam papers, malpractice, special considerations, timetable clashes and late arrivals

• Ensured that students’ exam data was processed correctly and was the exam board’s point of contact for teacher accreditation and a hospitality qualification



• Managed junior team members and ran the team within the department for several months in absence of a senior coordinator

• Delivered a presentation to international delegates about access arrangements for exams

• Coordinated significant projects across the organisation to fulfil requests from high-value international customers and contributed to streamlining new processes to improve the accuracy of records

• Wrote guides for team processes, trained, supervised and organized temporary staff during intensely busy exam series, and became the go-to person to train new staff


• PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), major in English

• Bachelor of Arts Degree, major in Film and Television


• Enjoy reading, particularly fantasy, period crime (e.g.Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allan Poe) and classics, and writing, both fiction and non-fiction essays

• Being ‘game master’ for two tabletop roleplaying groups, with a particular focus on the shared storytelling it allows for

• Learning languages: have taught myself to read basicLatin and am currently learning to read Japanese

• Playing video games, usually single player, story-focused games

• Love hiking trips: I’ve climbed several mountains in theUK, including Ben Nevis and Mt Snowden, and have walked the West Highland Way

• Running with my partner, who acts as my pacesetter and pushes me further than I think I can go

• Enjoy cycling, both commuting and for its own sake, and have gone on a cycling holiday in Ireland


Technical Skills

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