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Qualified Maintenance Technician

Our client Greg is a qualified Electrical Control and Instrumentation Technician with seven years of experience working at a major UK power station. 

About Greg

Qualified Electrical Control and Instrumentation Technician with seven years of experience working at a major UK power station. Current experience as a Reliability Maintenance Engineering Technician maintaining all aspects of electrical and instrumentation equipment, fault finding, and working to industry and company standards. Effective communication skills at all levels, with the ability to work well independently and as part of a team. Proven ability to assimilate new information quickly and readily adapt to new methods of working.

Technical Skills:

  • Fault finding and repair: Skilled at working out why a particular piece of equipment is not functioning correctly and recommending and implementing a cost-effective solution
  • Calibration and Testing: Experienced in checking that multiple pieces of equipment come up to industry standards and statutory regulations, utilising electrical tests on motors and supplying a known quantity to a measuring device to check it is giving the correct output.
  • Plant maintenance: Ensure the smooth operation of plant equipment, ranging from repairing equipment dating back to the 1970s when the station was built, to state of the art recently installed electrical apparatus and robots
  • Reading electrical drawings and understanding PLC logic: Proficient in understanding how systems work through reading associated documentation such as drawings or Ladder logic from the PLCs to identify and fix problems.
  • Additional expertise includes Permit Compliance, Health and Safety, Risk Assessments, Transmitters, Motors, Actuators, Pressure, Level and Flow Temperature


  • Gained sole responsibility for an area of the UK’s largest power station running the burner department, ensuring stock levels were maintained, training and documentation were readily available for other technicians, and planning large projects. Successfully carried out 2 major plants shut down and overhaul, keeping to time constraints and schedules.
  • Thrived in a dynamic varied environment such as commissioning, fault finding, maintenance and planned work meaning no two days were the same.
  • Trained apprentices to technical and safety standards and maintained training and learning throughout my career to ensure I was up to speed on all plant equipment.
  • Achieved a new role at Amazon’s most advanced fulfilment centre in Europe (LBA4) which has more technology and equipment than is currently present in any other Amazon facility. Contributed to the successful launch and commissioning of the site, which has gone from delivering 10% output to 60% output.
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