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Aditya Agrawal
Qualification :
Assistant Project Manager
Industry :
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Assistant Project Manager

About our Client

Innovative and well organized Construction Project Coordinator/ Manager with 4+ years’ experience in different regions, including the USA, and varying construction practices. Skilled in producing reports on project progress, and ensuring client expectations are achieved. Enthusiastic and supportive team player and self-starter with a commitment to advancing technology in the construction industry to make it more feasible & cost effective. Qualified with a Master of Construction Management from Texas A&M University College Station.


IT Snapshot

• AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks; construction software related to design, modelling and design review

• Procore (ConstructionManagement Software)

• MS Word, Excel,Project, and Visio

• Familiar with C, C++, Java.


• Construction planning & risk and site management

• Estimating, surveying, restorations, submittals, RFIs, RFQ, RFP

Communicating with stakeholders and clients and building productive relationships

• Co-ordinating multiple priorities, while achieving the desired quality outcome

Professional Experience

Project Manager

June 2020 – present

Overview: Organise, direct, control and evaluate projects from start to finish, according to schedule & specifications and develop & implement quality assurance and quality checks

• Prepare progress reports, update schedules for clients, and oversee purchase of materials and equipment

• Plan and prepare schedules and milestones and monitor progress against the schedule

• Guide Project Engineer in creating submittals and RFIs for the project and monitor their progress

• Develop and implement quality assurance and quality checks

• Ensure communications with site workers are clear and easy to understand and follow

Project Engineer

Aug 2019 – April 2020

Overview: Worked on a master-planned community with a diverse mix of suburban office, multifamily and hospitality and performed document control for projects including Submittals & RFIs, Drawing Management, Transmittals, Scope-Gap Management, Leading Meetings, and As-built QC

• Organised, directed, controlled and evaluated project items from start to finish according to schedule and specifications

• Prepared progress reports and updated schedules for clients and guided them through the progress on a weekly basis

• Planned and prepared schedules and milestones and monitored progress against schedules

• Created submittals and RFIs for projects and resolved queries

• Signed on yet to be build elements of the project per specifications

• Liaised between engineers, architects and contractors to resolve site and real time issues

• Developed and implemented quality assurance and quality checks with Quality Control Manager.

• Worked on maintaining Procore (Project Management Software) for the project

• Scheduled meetings for updating and resolving MEP design flaws in the project

• Managed other interns and new hires in the project Management Group


While studying at Texas A&M University, USA, I was employed part time (20 hours per week) as a Graduate Assistant Teacher, (June 2018 – May 2019), teaching Procore to undergraduate students.


• Master of Science – Construction Project Management 2019

• Graduate Certificate in Facilities & Assets Management 2019

• Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure Management, 2017


Short Courses

• Occupational Safety and HealthAdministration (OSHA) certified in 30-hour Construction Safety and Health

• Trained in CPR, First Aid, Fire Protection, Hazmat and Blood Borne pathogens



• Investigating the perceptions of Hispanic high school students towards construction managers, Agrawal, A. et al( 2020)

• Construction Material Tracking and Reduction of Material Waste on Site using a Web-Based Application - “ReConMaterial”, Agrawal, A. (2019)



• Outstanding Graduate Student Award -Texas A&M University, May 2019

Diversity Excellence Award – Texas A&M University, April 2019

• Texas Public Education Grant –International, August 2018

• Master of Science Construction Management Program Scholarship, August 2017


• Enjoy writing short fictional stories and poetry, and reading

Traveling and meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and way of life. It’s a way of learning about myself. I have travelled in 3 continents.

• Enjoy trekking and hiking remote trails. I have volunteered for trekking expeditions.

• Playing and watching sports. I was head of sports selection committee in my university freshman year.

• Volunteered for organisations such as National Adventure Foundation (Himalayan Excursion) and Student Counselling Services, Texas A&M University.

• Generally curious about how things work and function, from the universe to politics. I enjoy keeping track of current affairs, technology, geo-politics and where the world collectively is headed.


Technical Skills

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