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Iris van Laere
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Project Manager
Industry :
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Project Manager

About our Client


Professional Experience

Domestic Building

  • Converting a residential property into a vacation rental and providing post-construction property management services.
  • Collaborating on and overseeing the renovation of our existing home, including self-construction of the house extension after reaching the lock-up stage.

Purchasing Manager

  • Responsible for overseeing and managing the sourcing and procurement of all materials, components and services essential for the construction of aluminium sailing yachts.

Process Engineer

  • Streamlined and optimised business processes through the successful integration and deployment of ERP systems tailored to the company's needs.

Own consultancy and service business

Industrial Building Consultancy for Austral and Boréal Yachts

  • Transformation of the Boréal shipyard
  • Extension shipyard with a new production hall
  • Supervision of the construction works

ICT Consultancy

  • Analyse and selection of ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning)

IT Program Leader eCommerce and IT Partner for BDBiosciences and BD Diagnostic Systems

  • Acting as the interface between diverse business units and their respective product groups and the IT department across Europe, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration, while also managing portfolios and projects to align with organisational objectives and priorities
  • Portfolio and Project Management:

✓ Proactively contribute to the development of a strategic European business portfolio especially in the area of eBusiness and CRM

✓ Analyse, rationalise and prioritisation of the business needs on an international level

✓ Drive project execution to deliver the expected business outcomes

✓ Project Manager: for example, implementation SAP CRM 5.0, Improving the price strategy (implementation of Vendavo Profit Vision price analytics tool)

✓ Green Belt Six Sigma Certification

eBusiness Coordinator

  • Overseeing digital business operations and strategies within the region
  • Responsible for driving digital innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and maximising online business opportunities within the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg) market
  • Project Manager for the SOX 404 User Access Management Project in Europe: leading the implementation and compliance efforts related to user access controls under Sarbanes -Oxley Act Section 404

Clinical Support Coordinator

  • Responsible for the local and international support of the cochlear implant on a technical and clinical level
  • Interface with the R&D department for the delivery of the specifications and for the improvement and validation of the user software of the implant
  • Direct contact with patients, surgeons, hospitals and distributors


Master in Health Care Management and Policy

Master in Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Techniques

Master of Engineering Technology: Electromechanics Master of Science


Passionate about sailing, exploring new places, immersing in diverse cultures, and hiking:

  • Sailed to remote destinations such as Patagonia, Antarctica, and now New Zealand
  • Enjoy sailboat racing for its camaraderie; strategic planning and competitive spirit; represented as a skipperBelgium in the International Sailing Federation's World's Games in 2005
  • Love hiking as it combines physical activity, exploration, and connection with nature, making it a deeply rewarding and enriching experience for me.
  • Value connecting with nature, embracing diverse cultures, and creating lasting memories through outdoor adventures


Technical Skills

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