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Carlos Oliveros
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Project Manager
Industry :
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Project Manager

About our Client

Project Manager with experience in consulting, training and research in sustainable development projects in Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, and Colombia. Extensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) research, monitoring and evaluation experience throughout the Asia Pacific region. Experience with international consultancy projects (EUCommission, ASEIC Eco-Innovation, KAS, NYU Capstone) and with public and private sector initiatives in natural resource management (NRM) social innovation, sustainability policy, and good governance. Qualified with a Master of Science in International Development andManagement from Lund University.


Professional Experience

Between April 2018 and July 2022 I was employed in China as an English Teacher for International Exchange personnel and for students at an international education centre.


Sustainability Consultant, January 2017 – March2018

• Provide advisory services to organizations and communities to improve and coordinate their sustainable (social, environmental) practices through GRI reporting, stakeholder management and ISO26000.

• Advanced projects in sustainable tourism and community development (soft skills and tourism management) in the Colombian Pacific.


Project Manager, Oct – Dec 2016

• Designed and managed grants and relations with International institutions for innovation research and development projects.

• Managed administrative activities related to research projects on sustainability and innovation in the university.

• Advanced social change strategies and planning through R&D projects such as Corporate Social Responsibility projects in tandem with the private sector.  


Consultant, Feb 2013 – March 2016

• Management, networking, design of services and structure of the chamber

• Designed the strategic plan for business development and PR of the company

• Developed the assessment model for sustainability and H&S for SMEs based on  International labour standards (ISO26000- GRI ) and responsible supply chain

• Developed corporate strategies and policy papers for socially responsible business, and strategic partnerships with cooperation agencies and public organisations


Analyst/Consultant, Aug 2009 – Aug 2012

• Worked on projects with private and public organizations related to sustainability policy ( sustainable production and consumption, CSR reports,Responsible Governance ESG, community development projects)  

• Directed and accompanied international development projects including the EU Commission SCP Project on sustainable policy, and ASEIC, on sustainability and environmental management

• Carried out stakeholder engagement, GRI Reporting, business development, and social return on investment (SRoI) strategies for organizations (Banking, Energy, Infrastructure)

• Developed and managed business strategies for MNC in good governance, social due diligence (SDD) and sustainability topics including the Equator Principles for banks

• Delivered international training (NUS, MIM, USM) and presentations in governance, sustainability and environmental management (ISO14000 - 26000, OHSAS 18001, IFC, IRIS Metrics)

• Developed social responsibility strategies for major companies in Malaysia and UAE.

• Assessed companies in governance, social and environmental (ESG)policies and SRI from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, India, Japan, and other Asian countries


Research  Assistant, 2005 -2007

• Field  work and humanitarian work liaising communities, academic institutions,  governmental and non-governmental agencies in stakeholder engagement exercises  for community development

• Researched  the socioeconomic conditions that limit the adoption of human rights and  gender equality policies in displaced communities from the internal conflict  and indigenous peoples

• Analyzed, evaluated and monitored policy strategies, primary and secondary data on  governmental and social institutions and their influence in guaranteeing  human rights and gender equality

• Applied  SPSS, qualitative and quantitative research, survey methodologies and  critical appraisal

• Delivered  institutional presentations and networked with development institutions


• MSc InternationalDevelopment and Management (Sustainability)

• BSc InternationalRelations (Global Affairs)

• BSc PoliticalScience and Government (Public Management) 2001 - 2006

• Diploma in Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities,Stockholm Resilience Center Sweden 2015

• Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TELF), The TELF Society,US/SA 2019

• Professional Diploma in Social Responsibility, UniversityScience Malaysia, 2010


• Sustainability reporting: information complexity, LAP Lambert,ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3659943560 (

• Participation as limit in contemporary democracies, LAP Lambert,ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3639604627



  • Playing tennis and swimming
  • Travelling to different locations to discover the culture, practices and worldview of people
  • Enjoy reading about different topics, historical fiction, popular science, cultures, voyages, mythology, spirituality
  • I am a dilettante in arts and cooking


• Applied qualitative research: Worked on sustainable management projects in both industry and the public sector (for example transportation, tourism, community development, sustainable consumption and production, waste management, product life cycle) to understand and suggest solutions to contextual needs

• Public speaking: Experienced in communicating information according to the cultural background and special characteristics of the listeners

• Management: Coordination, implementation and follow-up of policy mainly in the public and education sectors.

• Teaching/training: Development and delivery of teaching material on topics related to multiculturalism, language and international affairs

Technical Skills

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