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Tarangi Wijesuriya
Qualification :
Project / Booking Manager
Industry :
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Project / Booking Manager

About our Client

Project/Booking Manager with excellent communication skills and current experience in workplace planning in the health sector. Highly organised with excellent attention to detail related to booking shifts and handling queries of nurses and hospitals. Experienced with MS Office Suite, OPERA and Amazon Workspace and qualified with a Master of Business Administration and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.


Sustainability project: Marketing Communications Manager for European Union-funded SWITCH-Asia Greening Project. The project was about hotels improving energy efficiency and conserving natural resources and thereby making the hospitality sector more sustainable. While addressing global issues such as reducing the carbon footprint and climate change, the main aim was to assist 354 hotels to reduce costs of operations; ‘sustainability is good for business’ was the key message of the programme. This sustainability drive assisted our destination to be positioned with a more sustainable ‘green image’ in the minds of the guests and the trading partners.

Donor funded projects:  Served Travel Foundation in the capacity of Programmes Coordinator, managing three donor-funded projects. Projects were aimed at accelerating change through advocacy, training, demonstrating good practice and enabling collaboration between tourism stakeholders.

LINC Project (Learning Involving Nurturing Communities): aimed at supporting the long-term sustainability of ourism through minimising hassle and improving the livelihoods of Beach Operators

Trees for Life Project: to re-vegetate areas affected by Tsunami using plants with medicinal, economic and culinary value. Project also carried out educational programs for students and local communities on their role in rainforest conservation.

Dikwella Lace Project: A Tsunami response Project targeted at uplifting the lives of unemployed women in the local community through the revival of beeralu lace, an ancient craft.

Professional Experience

Bookings Manager

Medical Consulting

  • User Manual developer
  • Diary management and meeting coordination and preparation

Project Manager

Medical Consulting

  • Liaised with directors, managers and consultants
  • Attended to teams’ operational concerns
  • Ensured all geographical areas were covered and managed rosters to ensure shifts were covered
  • Attended to teams’ concerns and provided timely advice and solutions
  • Conducted quarterly and yearly performance evaluations of the team
  • Prepared, monitored, and evaluated weekly, monthly, and yearly performance of each area

Office Manager/PA  

  • Implementation and training of SOP and all policies and procedures as per brand standards
  • Delivered positive guest experience across all departments
  • Ensured guest requests and complaints were handled appropriately
  • Functioned on par with the brand's sustainable consumption initiatives

Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Developing, implementing, measuring, and improving communication plans for supporting advertising initiatives for achieving project's objectives and ensuring the development of cross-functional marketing initiatives
  • Promoted project among local accommodation providers and worked with the team to achieve key objectives
  • Developed, coordinated and implemented annual marketing and communications editorial calendar, contents, and storylines
  • Created internal articles, success stories, case studies, press releases, customer presentations, scripts, podcasts, and market collateral
  • Researched, identified, and selected external service providers for outsourced communication activities
  • Represented the project at international trade fairs and media-related activities

Programmes/Project Coordinator

  • Monitoring and evaluation, training and development and creating stakeholder collaboration to ensure destination’s communities benefitted from the tourism industry
  • Provided support to Programme Manager on all aspects of the projects

Public Relations Executive

  • Managed a team of front office professionals, compiled press releases and organised events
  • Coordinated public relations activities and created content for press releases, articles and presentations


Master of Business Administration

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing


  • Creating social media content that motivate readers
  • Enhancing the skills of marketers through teaching
  • Reading books related to leadership and motivation  


Technical Skills

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