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JJ de Goed
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Primary School Teacher
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Primary School Teacher

About our Client

NZ Registered Teacher with 8 years’ experience at Intermediate level at a primary school with about 600 students from a wide range of cultural and economic backgrounds. Adaptable and supportive colleague with a compassionate attitude and skilled in delivering outcomes using available resources. Enjoy developing rapport with students, colleagues and the wider community and keen to contribute to extra-curriculum activities, especially coaching cricket and rugby. Qualified with a Bachelor of Education majoring in History and Geography.


Teaching Philosophy

My role as a teacher is to provide the best environment for learning to take place. This means knowing and understanding each learner’s needs, background and culture. In South Africa I have been exposed to many diverse cultures, backgrounds and learning styles and I understand the importance of thorough planning to accommodate different rates of student progression and to ensure that effective learning takes place.

I especially value the  teaching of History and Geography as subjects and strive to teach these subjects in a relevant way. I have a desire to learn from my colleagues as well as from seminars, workshops and other cultures. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and become a better teacher.

I come from a teaching background as both my parents are teachers. This ignited my passion for teaching and my desire to make a difference in students' lives.

Professional Experience

Teacher, Jan 2014 – present

Drakensberg Primary School, South Africa, a double medium school with about 600 students with class sizes varying from between 20 and 40 learners.


Year 7 & 8 Class teacher with a specialization in History, Geography and Natural Science and Head of Social Sciences  


• On becoming the subject head of Social Sciences I updated the subject policy according to government guidelines to ensure our assessment, planning and teaching methods were up to standard.

• Created teaching resources, interactive slides with videos and audio, to be used by allSocial Sciences teachers and available for learners to use as well. This has been proven to be very effective, especially during Covid-19. There was a definite improvement of learners' results.

• During Covid I set up Google Classroom for the whole school so that learners and parents had access to educational resources (online lessons and informal assessments) during lockdowns.

• During the school's culture period I volunteered to give extra History lessons, focusing on History that is not part of the curriculum in order to brighten learners' horizons and to create an interest in History as a subject.

• Updated the sound system to be used for functions and sporting events.

• Obtained my Level 1 Cricket coaching certificate and was appointed as Head of Cricket. I worked to improve the equipment and facilities at the school including fixing and maintaining the grass pitch

• Organised sponsorships for the first team cricket which included a warm up kit, bags anda new bowling machine

• As only 1 of 2 teachers at the school with a professional drivers permit I took on the responsibility of transporting students to school as well as sporting events.

• Extra-curricular contribution asCricket, Rugby and Javelin Coach


• Bachelor of Education with a focus on History and Geography


Professional Development

• Derrick Jackson seminar on discipline in schools.

• Daya Chetty seminar about discipline and education law.

• ATKV debate seminar


Professional Memberships

• South Africa Council for Educators (SACE)

•  Provisional Practising Certificate from the Teaching Council of New Zealand (Expiry: September 2025)


• Enjoy reading about historical figures

• Spending time with my young family and playing cricket


• Critical thinking and Patience: When a child faces barriers to learning, patience and understanding is required to help them with the learning process.

• Communication: Excellent communication in the classroom to enable effective teaching. and learning.

• Organization: Organisation of teachers files and subject policies, including the organisation of assessments, and assessment programs

• Leadership: As the the subject head of Social Sciences I ensure that all policies are implemented and organise and lead subject meetings.

• Teamwork: Collaborate with colleagues to organize school events like prize-giving and cultural events.

• Time management: weekly and daily lesson planning to ensure that effective learning takes place within the given time frame

• Technology: I make use of a data projector and laptop in my classroom to engage with learners with visual and audio educational resources. I am computer literate, making use of Excel and Word to assess learners and capture marks. I am responsible for the sound and audio at big school events like prize-giving, and cultural and sport events. This includes the setting up of microphones and speakers.

• Bus driver: I drive the bus for the school for school tours and sporting events

Coaching and Umpiring: I am the school cricket coach and have successfully coached the first team to achieve  runner up status in the Northern KZN U13cricket league. I have also umpired many cricket games from school to club level. I have also coached rugby from U/10 to U/13 level.

Technical Skills

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