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Clayton Coulson
Qualification :
PE Teacher and Sports Coach
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PE Teacher and Sports Coach

About our Client

Innovative and enthusiastic educator with NZ teacher registration and 15+ years’ experience in teaching both secondary and primary students in PE, Biology and Life Skills. Experienced in coaching and preparing sports teams and athletes for school, club, state and provincial success and enthusiastic about inspiring, guiding and transforming young lives. Qualifications in sports science, sports psychology, and teaching physical education.


  • Initiated a business to assist schools with the development of PE and extra mural programs with a staff contingent of 6-8. Directed and trained staff in the required capacities as instructors and facilitators
  • Trained teachers and staff on how to provide sports and phys. ed. Instruction; developed annual PE programs with specific topics and themes
  • Initiated a small hiking club that exposes disadvantaged learners to different experience in nature, while also developing basic life and survival skills
  • Provided workshops and tutoring to supplement curriculum content
  • Coached and prepared sports teams and athletes for school, club, state and provincial success, including for state competitions in the US; participated in and won several club soccer and baseball titles, provincial titles
  • Sports Scholarship to USA university

Professional Experience

PE Teacher and Sports Coach

Overview: Teach and facilitate curriculum-related lessons (PE) to primary and high school learners as well as sports coaching after school hours.

As PE Teacher:

  • Prepare lessons for each age group (Year 1 – 8)
  • Create and facilitate fun and engaging lessons that challenge and enhance physical literacy and performance
  • Meet the requirements for each term’s theme and objectives
  • Motivate and encourage participation and communicate with clarity, integrity and consistency
  • Formal and Informal assessments throughout the term and assess and provide marks and results
  • Liaise with class teachers and school principals on behavioural and participation challenges

As Sports Coach

  • Prepare student-athletes for upcoming sports season (Athletics, rugby, cricket, basketball)
  • Plan seasonal program for physical conditioning + technical and strategic aspects of relevant sports codes
  • Collect athlete performance data for comparisons throughout the program
  • Formal Assessment, goal setting and seasonal expectations for individual and team goals
  • Coach and manage sports matches and related events
  • Motivate and encourage each athlete to get the best out of themselves individually and as a team
  • Monitor and assess athletes’ status and progresses

Academic Enrichment and Metacognitive Coaching  

Overview: Facilitation of academic enrichment-related services provided through workshop accommodation, private assessments and counselling sessions to assist learners with developing good academic, life and career choices.

  • Planned and organised annual workshop programs with schools each year
  • Created workbooks and content on career guidance/development, study and organisational skills and facilitated 20-30 workshops per year
  • Liaised with parents and teachers to discuss learner needs, progress and provide general feedback
  • Individual counselling and feedback sessions with parents and teachers
  • Used assessments to provide guidance on career and learning development strategies for learners aged 16+

Teacher / Counsellor for academic support and enrichment

Overview: Facilitated and developed an academic enrichment program to supports learners with different needs

  • Conducted approximately 15 – 25 sessions/day mainly with primary school learners
  • Identified, assessed and assisted those learners with related academic challenges
  • Attended weekly meetings to discuss & plan intervention & support strategies
  • Provided full assessment and progress reports to teachers and parents
  • Worked closely with SSD's and engaged with teachers and school activities on a daily basis
  • Facilitated enrichment workshops for primary and secondary school students aged 10 - 18 years; including study skills, organisational, time management, and career guidance workshops

S&C Coach and PE Coordinator

  • Worked with Secondary and Primary schools as a S&C coach, PET, and general physical literacy program implementation and development.
  • Provided guidance on program design and delivery of PT programs
  • Worked with university & secondary school teams on S&C strategies


BA honours Sport Science, Sport Science / Psychology

BA Psychology

PGCE (Post Grad Cert in Education) Life / Health Orientation and Physical Education

TEFL course + Life Coaching and Career Development Courses

Professional memberships

New Zealand Teaching Council, Health Professionals Association

Papers and Publications

3-year research article on Mental Toughness, was on the short-list for publication in the journal of Sports Medicine. We presented our findings at the International Psychology Convention in Cape Town in February 2012


  • Initiated a hiking club for under-privileged communities
  • Club Running, Cycling and Triathlon Member and club Football/Soccer and Baseball Coach
  • Avid surfer and free diver, with a huge passion and love for the ocean and the outdoors


Technical Skills

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