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NZ Registered Teacher

Our client Nicola is an experienced and NZ registered Teacher with 7 years of professional experience, including 3 years in the field of special education/learning support catering to the needs of a diverse range of student abilities.

Teaching Philosophy

I am a teacher with a passion for both educating and inspiring the youth and I have found it particularly rewarding to teach in special needs schools. My career journey began with a degree in Media, Communications and Culture, followed by a PGCE(Cum Laude) and I have never looked back. Working as a secondary school teacher has shown me what teenagers need to thrive. I have learnt, that for them to be confident, creative and active members of society they require structure, love and consistency. Seeing young adults succeed in life and overcome the difficulties and challenges life has given them, is both my greatest joy and accomplishment.


  • Experienced and NZ registered Teacher with 7 years of professional experience, including3 years in the field of special education/learning support catering to the needs of a diverse range of student abilities. 
  • Enthusiastic and collaborative team member with a passion for building confidence and capacity in young people with complex learning needs.
  • Inclusive and flexible approach in delivering positive behaviour management, especially with students who struggle with classroom expectations.
  • Experience in teaching English, History, Technology, Geography, Tourism and NaturalScience at Year 10-13  levels, as well as Year 8-10 Life Skills (Life Orientation) and Economics, andYears 9-10 Creative Arts
  • Sound understanding of the need to respect the privacy and confidentiality of students and their families when dealing with personal information.
  • Authentic and open communicator with the ability to create a culturally inclusive environment and connect with peers, parents and learners.
  • Delivered successful e-Learning strategies during lockdown with high participation from students.
  • Recognised as a teacher who delivers quality planning and provides support to colleagues.
  • Demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm to ongoing professional learning and involvement in extra- curricular activities.

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