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Charles Pritchard
Qualification :
Network Administrator
Industry :
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Network Administrator

About our Client

Reliable and talented NetworkAdministrator with 10+ years’ experience in providing IT Support Services, leading a team, and taking responsibility for Network Infrastructure & Security.Good understanding of computer equipment, peripherals, mobile devices as well as standard software applications. Committed to improving systems through initiating new technology and processes. Team focused with experience in training and mentoring junior team members and ability to communicate and build relationships with vendors and other IT Partner support services.


Areas of Expertise

• MS Office- Practical experience and competent in usingMicrosoft Office Packages - MS Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook,Office 365

• Windows - Competent using Windows 7,8,10

• Email Server - Six years of experience with SQL to detect spam emails to protect the email server

• Server - Competent using Windows Server 2008 & 2012, open-source software- CentOS, Ubuntu and VMware software

• Troubleshooting- troubleshooting hardware and software problems,LAN/WAN and identifying network performance issues

• NetworkSecurity - Firewall management tools, Network security systems

• Backup Management - administration, upgrades, monitoring and support of an enterprise data backup and recovery platform

• Installing of software and hardware -installing and configuring the peripherals, components & drivers

• Configuring network equipment and maintaining organizational internal computer network

Professional Experience

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Samoa

Ministry leading the management of Samoa’s environment and natural resources, with its core functions undertaken by 14 divisions and 421 employees,


Assistant Chief Executive Officer Information Communication Technology, Nov 2019 – present

Overview: Manage and maintain technical and operational IT support services to ensure a high level of  service without disruption to daily operations

• Lead a team of six IT staff

• Manage technical and operational IT support for 14divisions with  290 computers, 38printers, 15 servers in the main office, 20 system servers used at the Meteorology office, and backup server.

• Advise on standard systems methods, policies and procedures in the development, enhancement and maintenance of information technology systems

• Prepare annual budget for the IT division and write reports with results and recommendations

• Participate in the leadership and management team in decision-making and governance processes

Key Accomplishments

• Set up Data Knowledge & Information FACILITY(DKIF) system

• Installed and set up of digital archive system to digitize Ministry records

• Installed conference system (Ricoh Whiteboard) for virtual meetings

• Initiated internet and telephone plans for consistent communication of management, on-site and remotely

• Created a first ICT Business Continuity Plan for theMinistry, activated during the COVID-Lockdown

• Initiate a secondary ISP for the Ministry as backup


Principal Information &Communication Technology Officer, Sept 2017 – Nov 2019

Senior Information &Communication Technology Officer, Oct 2013 – Sept 2017

Information &Communication Technology Officer, April  2009 – Oct 2013

Overview: Maintained computer equipment (computer peripherals, printers, servers), provided IT support services to all MNRE sites, assisted the division's budget, carried out training for MNRE staff, installed and configured computer equipment, and monitored the daily backup systems (Between Feb 2015 and June 2016 I studied at Unitec, Auckland)

• Installed a new VLAN Connection and new Kaspersky TotalSecurity antivirus, and installed and upgraded SOLA system

• Provided maintenance and support for 12 MNRE sites usingVodafone fibre and Samoa National Broadband Highway (SNBH)

• Ongoing maintenance of 290 computer peripherals and 38printers, as well as maintenance and support of Emergency Radio and Siren and MET weather forecast and earthquake networks in Samoa

• Assisted the ICT team in providing database and system administration, security and information assurance of the Data Knowledge &Information Facility (DKIF)

• Daily monitoring of all the systems backup and assisted with maintenance and administration of email and internet facilities and telephone services

• Carried out inventory of onsite tools and materials and cabling, labelling and patching of server to network equipment


Assistant Mapping Officer, Oct 2007 – April 2009

My first job with theMinistry, carrying out information technology officer responsibilities


• Postgraduate Diploma in Computing (Feb 2015- June 2016) 

• Bachelor of Science in Computing (June 2007- Jan 2006)


• Enjoy sports, especially rugby and keeping physically fit; never miss an update on local and international sports news

• Read articles to keep up to date with the latest technology

• Volunteer communications facilitator at United NationsSIDS Conference hosted by Samoa, 2014


Technical Skills

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