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Max Schimpf
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Data Scientist / Analyst
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Data Scientist / Analyst

About our Client

Data Scientist/Analyst with 7 years’ experience in clinical informatics, data visualization, data analytics and end-to-end report development. Skilled in analysing problems using quantitative approaches and developing statistical models to drive impactful data solutions and integrate multiple systems and data sets. Innovative and collaborative team member and mentor, with a natural curiosity and the ability to communicate in both technical and non-technical language across a broad range of audiences. Qualified with a Master of Biomedical Informatics from Oregon Health & Science University.


• Rated excellent in annual reviews which incorporated both quantitative and qualitative standardized criteria, indicating that I exceeded department expectations across multiple goals

• Worked closely with Chief of Emergency Medicine and senior administrators, to reduce imaging turn-around times for patients being treated at the ED. Designed a suite of daily, weekly, and monthly reports that provided turnaround metrics for individual imaging orders which provided leadership with insight into pain points based on time, modality, and procedure. As a result staffing levels were rearranged to calibrate staffing capacity according to monthly trends, thus reducing wait times.

• Developed a program that automatically gathered data from scheduling database and calculated the time in days to third available appointment for each site, modality, and procedure with summary calculations, surfacing the information into a polished self-service Tableau report. This freed up 12+ hours per week where the technologists had previously performed manual calculations and now could use that time performing imaging scans for patients (improving access to health care)and improved summary calculations as statistics were previously calculated incorrectly and were now performed by the program

Professional Experience

Data Analyst, Oct 2015 - current

• Collect, clean, analyse, and interpret data and provide consultation to help answer business questions

• Validate, query, merge and extract data across internal and external sources and perform highly complex data analysis and interpretation

• Develop insights, reports, and presentations telling a compelling story to stakeholders to enable and influence decision making

• Drive strategic data-informed decisions by consulting with senior-level internal clients and executive leadership to identify and clarify key business needs across the national Social Health practice including leading the development of outcomes and process measures, translating complex business requirements, determining data/information needs and data collection methods, evaluating the impact of business decisions, and cleaning and validating data in a fluid business environment

• Provide clinical information, data analysis, and analytical modelling support for theNorthwest region by operationalizing conceptually defined variables and translating specific business issues and questions into functional and analytic designs

• Identify opportunities for sustained business improvement and support strategic management decision-making by identifying information gaps, providing recommendations and initiating appropriate activity

• Design and execute quantitative and qualitative analysis for a variety of clinical business areas using SAS, SQL, Epic and other tools and provide recommendations for decision-making under uncertainty



• Automated numerous manual reporting processes by writing programs that extracted, transformed, and visualized valuable information, saving considerable labour hours and improving accuracy and line of sight for clinical leadership and administration

• Overhauled and improved a key data mart, which enabled more flexibility in reporting, increased accuracy of reports, and new data elements that provided new insight for clinical leadership

• Performed several population-scoping analyses that identified patients who were at high risk for life-threatening conditions but were not being followed by a care management program yet


IT Intern, June 2015 – Aug 2015

• Developed advanced SQL queries to extract and clean population health data on millions of patients and staged the data for use by predictive model developers.

• Extracted, transformed and staged millions of healthcare data for predictive model, utilizing SQL and Netezza high-performance data warehouse software to identify multiple cardiovascular risk factors within a specific population

• Utilized statistical methods including survival analysis and linear regression to explore clinical data

• Developed predictive model for cardiovascular disease progression


Reporting Analyst/ Developer, Nov 2014 – June 2015

• Used official technical requirements provided by business analysts to generate data reports by translating the technical requirements into SQL code. Reports were then used by company leadership to support operations and strategy.

• Created original, customized reports by drafting official technical requirements documentation, developing SQL Server stored procedures and designing and deploying final reports in Microsoft Visual Studio

• Interfaced extensively with Business Service Analysts, SQL developers and management to ensure delivery of accurate and timely reports to internal and external clients

• Generated dozens of original, customized reports utilizing T-SQL queries against large relational databases to support company business intelligence, analytics and decision-making


• Master of Biomedical Informatics (Clinical Informatics), 2014-2017

• Master of Arts in Teaching

• Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)

Currently developing a data science project portfolio, taking coursework in linear regression, classification, A/B testing and participating in data science competitions.



CPR, First-Aid, A.E.D.


• Hospital volunteer and assist healthcare professionals during mobile medical clinics

• Travelled to rural Panama and learned about rural Panamanian healthcare and economic needs

• EventMedical providing free basic first-aid services for events and festivals in thePortland area

• Studying and implementing permaculture gardening techniques for my family’s home garden.

• Avid reader of non-fiction on a broad range of topics (ancient history, anthropology, physics & astronomy, psychology and philosophy)

• Amateur screenplay writer – written two feature-length screenplays and currently drafting a science fiction novel

• Enjoy weightlifting, strength athletics, swimming, hiking/backpacking.

• Practice regular meditation and enjoy playing chess and drawing/sketching.


• Communication: I possess a strong ability to communicate, teach, assess, and mentor across abroad range of audiences. This is evidenced by the diverse range of people I have collaborated with deeply during my seven-year tenure as a data analyst atKaiser Permanente and prior work experience as a teacher and academic coach.One example involves a project I began in 2020 to set up a custom electronic health record (EHR) field associated with our hierarchical database via“Datalink.” This required close coordination with a range of departments including data analytics and analytical support, information technology, clinical and executive healthcare leadership (the product requesters), and with imaging informatics. Each of these stakeholders was a critical component of the entire project but each also had vastly divergent backgrounds from the others and quite different perspectives, requiring truly clear communication, tailored for each audience.

• Teamwork: In my current role as a senior data analyst for Kaiser Permanente’s nationalSocial Health Practice initiative, I team up with several groups across the enterprise, to provide analytical support and consultation based on my expertise in our national social health data domain. This includes: 1)Collaborating on advanced analytics and consulting projects as part of a team of three data analysts and a data lead on the social health data team; this includes providing guidance and mentorship for our junior analyst 2) Receiving high-level direction from and providing consultation for senior and executive leaders within the social health domain, including the Vice President of SocialHealth and the Director of Social Health 3) Providing specialized support for the enterprise Social Health Member Initiatives leadership team which oversees health and wellness initiatives for Kaiser’s members across the nation 4) As we continue to develop and enhance our social health data collection and storage infrastructure I regularly meet with a team of data engineers to refine my understanding of our data structure and to provide input into building new data pipelines. These are just a handful of the many different teams I interface closely with.

• Championing innovation: I consider myself to be a very open-minded person and love to champion innovation and fresh perspectives within an organization. For the past three years, I’ve joined an optional annual goal within my (former) department to develop proofs-of-concept around advanced analytical techniques that hold potential for rolling out to the rest of the department by way of documentation, technical support, education, and mentoring. Examples of separate annual goals include 1)natural language processing 2) distributed processing and storage of big data3) machine learning. Additionally, I was one of the first adopters of Tableau and have built many reports spanning multiple business areas.

• In-demand data analytics skills and experience that are industry-agnostic and applicable to any organization that has a need to analyse stored data to make business decisions in a fluid environment under conditions of uncertainty. Beyond this, I am experienced in working within a dynamic business environment, communicating with a diverse range of audiences including executive leaders and have specific knowledge and experience in the areas of healthcare/medical informatics, social health, and population health. I possess a rare combination of technical acumen & experience in the field of data analytics, healthcare domain knowledge and strong interpersonal and communication skills. Moreover, I have experience working as a member of teams working on data engineering and data science projects and am highly motivated to advance into a career in data science

Technical Skills

• Experience with relational databases,SAS, Github, Jira, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, SQL and Python programming

• Probability & statistical analysis, data visualization, data cleaning, ETL, machine learning, Jupyter Notebooks

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