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Richard Hamett
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Data Analyst/ IT Support
Industry :
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Data Analyst/ IT Support

About our Client

Data Analyst/IT Support Technician experienced in working in a large and complex organization analysing IT and digital needs, troubleshooting, and managing schedules for 19 technicians. Skilled at simplifying and automating complex systems and communicating effectively with both technical and non-technical people. Enjoy collaboration, mentoring others, and developing friendly cross-functional relationships. Expertise in managing projects and working with Excel formulas, data queries, formatting reports, and dashboards automation.


Professional Experience

Planning Analyst, Dec 2019 –present

Overview: simplify and automate processes that have been overly complex and manual to perform and transform raw data into actionable information.

• Provide analytical support to multiple departments within the school district including building age, size, condition, and capacity, and student enrolment and demographic trends

• Produce reports for Open Records Requests

• Design, test and maintain the automation of data collecting and reporting processes using Microsoft and Google suite of applications.

Key Accomplishments

• The Resting BuildingInitiative: Campuses in Austin ISD never truly shuts down. There are extracurricular events, partners that rent spaces, summer school, and several other events that require the lights and HVAC to be on. When COVID-19 sent us into lockdown the buildings were empty, but these utilities were still running. I proposed theResting Building Initiative where we organized the maintenance team to send 1 person per campus to turn off lights and raise the AC temperature to 80 F, saving the school district hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility costs, over the months our114+ buildings could not be occupied in-person events during COVID-19 process

• During the COVID-19Lockdown in 2020, co-authored and managed a process to receive and evaluate dozens of requests to conduct different kinds of events on campuses. Responded to each based on the nature of the proposed event, and approved of and supported events that provided meals, school supplies, and other items to support families and communities without exposing them to COVID-19


Service Center Help Desk Manager/Technician, Sept 2017 -Dec 2019

• Administrator of CMMS system consisting of over 800 users, 200 technicians, and 12 supervisors serving over 130 centres

• Planned, produced, implemented, and provided training and materials to customers, technicians, and managers on the use of the new CMMS system

• Developed method of transforming vast amounts of data that the CMMS system produces into intuitive reports all levels of management, from the Service Center manager to the District COO, used to keep chain of command informed and make operations decisions

• Planned, programmed, launched, and trained users for a fleet of 110 iPads that became the Service Center's primary tool to access the CMMS program

• Streamlined communication from campuses to technicians allowing work order requests to be completed as efficiently as possible.

• Ensured helpdesk technicians provided excellent customer service by identifying the individual, department, or vendor with the ability to resolve the issue, and facilitated communication between customers, technicians, and supervisors involved.


I started working with Austin Independent School District inDec 2008 as an Alarm Technician and was promoted to Safety Technician in2010, and Team Leader in 2015

Achievements include:

• ConvertedAustin ISD’s total area into three territories in order to reduce response times for both scheduled and emergency services to the Life Safety Systems.

• Identified an increased demand of man-hours due to the City of Austin’s adoption of a newFire Code and executed a plan to keep all buildings in compliance while submitting a detailed budget request that successfully acquired the resources needed to meet new requirements.

• Implemented new documentation techniques for tracking device types and counts, as well as services performed on the Life Safety Systems.

• Installed and programmed IP communicators and receivers to migrate Fire Detection reporting off of the phone system and onto the network.
Oversaw upgrades and improvements to the Access Control System hardware, software, and management.

• Received two performance-based promotions within 30 months of hire and recognized with the Police Department’s Outstanding Performance Award


TtT (Train the Trainer)courses for adhering to Building and Fire Safety Code Standards which I then used to train a team of technicians. Trained over 200 people when Austin ISD transitioned from a paperwork order system to an all-digital CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).


• Volunteer with Zeteo Missions to provide technical support to their operation in the Philippines to streamline and automate processes,

• I have a love of the outdoors and exploring with my family while camping or hiking

• Enjoy science fiction and fantasy novels like Game of Thrones and Ring World

• Social tabletop games, board games, and Dungeons & Dragons


Technical Skills

• Power BI: Visualize data with reports/dashboards that can be automatically updated.Create relationships between varied data to find hidden trends.

• Power Query:Transform and prepare data to be used in reports and dashboards. Combine multiple files into a single tabular data set.

• PowerAutomate: Create automated flows that can move or transform data from anywhere in the Microsoft 365 space to any other space. Example: Take data from a Form submission and write it to anExcel file housed in SharePoint.

• Excel: Take advantage of advanced formulas to answer questions about data sets.Create pivotables, matrixes, tables, charts, and create forms of varying complexity to collect data.

• Teams: Can simply be chat and video conferencing or host multipleTeams site with customized tools for groups within the Microsoft365 suite.

• SharePoint:Create a Team site for ongoing collaboration or a project, and a Communication site to provide information internally to an organization. Can be used to house data feedingPower Bi reports and dashboard allowing for automatic updates.

• OneDrive: Cloud storage with ability to sync from cloud to hard drive and vis versa for file redundancy.

• Outlook: Write rules to route incoming emails to multiple folders to clear clutter and keep what’s important on top. Mail merge for sending form letters to multiple contacts

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