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Francois Oosthuizen
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Commercialisation Manager
Industry :
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Commercialisation Manager

About our Client

Technology and Innovation Manager with 15 years’ experience in technology commercialisation, business development and innovation ecosystem building in high tech ventures. Currently employed as Innovation Commercialisation Manager, and previous experience as a systems engineer, starting technology companies, undertaking innovation consulting projects, and university lecturer. Passionate about research translation and innovation management towards global impact. Proven leadership, communication and collaboration skills and qualified with a Master of Electronics Systems Engineering.


  • Supported the building of the University technology transfer office over 8 years, including structure, strategy, process, team, resources and implementation
  • Part of team who built a first university-owned venture capital fund
  • Presented conference papers at industry association conferences
  • Part of teams who created guidelines and publications for technology transfer
  • Involved in establishing multiple UCT spin-off companies for transfer and commercialisation of UCT IP
  • Coached and trained researchers and students to transfer and commercialise research work
  • Fund raised multiple innovation projects and companies (NZD15m+)
  • Managed projects ranging from smaller budgets (NZD2k – NZD50) in different industries and regions, and part of leadership team of larger projects ranging from NZD100k – NZD3m

Professional Experience

Commercialisation Manager

(Previously Innovation Project Manager)

Overview: Discover, develop, and commercialise (unlock impact and value from) innovative intellectual property flowing from UCT research and development.

  • Innovation management of UCT research outputs and intellectual property
  • Investment management of technology companies and intellectual property
  • Start-up company formation and business development
  • Project management of operations, engineering projects, and innovation projects
  • Technology strategy and commercialisation
  • Marketing, Sales, training and mentoring

Engineering Manager

  • Managed development and integration of different products and services
  • Electronic hardware and software development, supply chain and maintenance management

Co-Founder and System Engineer

  • Engineering development, field support and technical management
  • Business and product development and system integration
  • Innovation management for future products and services
  • Production, supply chain and maintenance management

Part-time lecturer

Electronic and Instrumentation Engineer

  • Product and system development
  • Electronic product development, instrumentation, control solutions, and system integration,
  • Technical field support of client industries
  • Marketing and sales


Master of Engineering majoring in Engineering, Technology, and Innovation Management

Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Electronic and embedded Software Engineering

Short courses

▪ Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market

▪ Technology Commercialization, Part 1: Setting up your Idea Filtering System

▪ New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs


▪ Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market

▪ Technology Commercialization, Part 1: Setting up your Idea Filtering System

▪ New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

▪ Techno-Economic Analyses


  • Technology and Innovation and enjoy helping others, especially with my professional skill set
  • Outdoor activities, sports and travel
  • Providing lectures and training on innovation management for my industry association to national and regional groups
  • Volunteer as equity (EE) practitioner promoting workforce transformation and serve on departmental EE committee


Technical Skills

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