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Herbert Aguilar
Qualification :
Business Fulfilment Program Manager
Industry :
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Business Fulfilment Program Manager

About our Client

I currently work as a business fulfilment program manager and have a diverse international background and academic qualifications in Agri Industry Engineering and Agricultural Economics. I bring expertise in dairy/meat products and processing, and now as a leader in Foxconn technologies LTd. with experience in planning, sales and account management. I’m eager to contribute to New Zealand’s workforce, driving sustainable growth and innovation in agriculture and manufacturing sectors in different possible industries


  • Taiwan Full Scholarship Awardee
  • Dairy process and manufacture products award
  • SAP certificate award
  • Chinese Language award certificate
  • Meat manufacture innovation award

Professional Experience

Business Fulfilment Program Manager

  • End-to-end fulfilment oversight, inventory management, performance metrics and corporate report.
  • Manage Supply Chain team and Fulfilment-related activities, Materials Shortage oversight, RYG report analysis, lead time supply analysis.
  • Strong Leadership, problem-solving, Cross-functional collaboration and communication.
  • Ensure Customer satisfaction and relation, Maintain strong lasting relationships with customer. (Dell and Tesla)
  • Optimise operational efficiency, granting more volume and revenue to the company. Demand control analysis.
  • Improve sales volume and RFQ awarding. Work on sales and Revenue projection. Set KPIS and sales target to drive team motivation and accomplishment.

Material and Production Planner

  • Develop Master Production Schedule ensuring on-time delivery of materials.
  • Clear to Build Report and Analysis.
  • ATP (SAP system) Analysis and run.
  • ERP track inventory levels, forecast demand and material procurement.
  • Implementation of Lean manufacturing principles to optimise inventory levels and minimise waste.
  • Supplier coordination to ensure timely delivery materials. Lead time analysis.
  • Monitor Production lines to identify bottlenecks and implement solutions. Conduct inventory audits.
  • (SAP) Work order management, TECO, CLSD. GR non-GI report.
  • Inventory analysis on MMBE, M52.
  • Upload work orders to DFMS system (internal factory WO upload to lines system).
  • Forecast Demand analysis.

Material and Production Planner

  • Work order management (SAP).
  • Monitor production performance and set daily commitments.
  • Attrition analysis and report.-Inventory analysis on MMBE, M52.
  • Automotive certification manufacturing (IATF).
  • Customer interface management ASN Input (advance shipping notice) for Mercedes, Volvo, Cummings and Navistar.
  • Bottleneck and capacity analysis, (Plastic injection molding and rotomolding).
  • Train colleagues to use SAP system. MM, PP and Sales Modules.

Production Planner/Mandarin interpreter

  • Train Chinese personnel on safety and production.
  • SAP Usage training.
  • Assist in WO creation and management.
  • Accomplish IATF certification for automotive industry.
  • Translate corporate presentation and reports.
  • On-site Mandarin translation to Spanish for Mexican and Chinese employees.

International Sales Manager

  • In charge of South America Market, on the food additives sector. Identify market trends competitive landscape to offer product accordingly.
  • Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with distributors and wholesalers, leveraging fluency in Spanish Portuguese and English to facilitate communication during negotiations.
  • Develop and execute strategic sales plans to penetrate and expand market share in South America.
  • Participate in industry events, trade shows and conferences to promote company products.
  • Negotiate contracts, pricing agreements, to maximise revenue and profitability.
  • Provide regular sales forecast reports to corporate, sales performance reports etc.


Master of Science in Agricultural Economics

Bachelor in Agri-Industrial Engineering

Chinese Language Program



Technical Skills

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