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Alex McKerrow
Qualification :
Biokineticist (Clinical Exercise Physiologist)
Industry :
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Biokineticist (Clinical Exercise Physiologist)

About our Client

Exercise physiologist/educator with experience in treating people with chronic medical conditions. Skilled in carrying out physical assessments, developing prescriptions to promote exercise habits, and helping clients manage their symptoms through various modalities including pain science education. Supportive team member with effective verbal and written communication skills, and ability to develop easy rapport with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Qualified with a Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons) in Biokinetics and a Bachelor of Sport Science.


  • First employee to develop a modern pain science curriculum based on a biopsychosocial framework and deliver it to allied health professionals through a series of five workshops
  • Increased client numbers by over 20% in six months by adapting materials to deliver pain science education workshops online, thereby improving company reach
  • Became the first independent local health practitioner to deliver exercise rehabilitation services directly to client homes
  • Revised and refined health insurance wellness screening and testing protocols to drastically reduce testing time, thereby increasing the total number of tests done by 15% in 3 months

Professional Experience

Biokineticist (Clinical Exercise Physiologist)      

Independent practitioner working with Allied Health Professional/Rehabilitation Centre

Overview: Prescription of therapeutic exercise, based on physiological assessment, for the management of a wide range of diseases and disorders.

  • Screening and stratifying people of all ages and states of health for exercise planning and optimisation of safety of physical interventions
  • Designing and conducting appropriate exercise testing including, cardiopulmonary exercise testing and body composition
  • Designing, prescribing and monitoring exercise programmes individually and in groups, to increase exercise capacity for disease prevention & rehabilitation
  • Delivering formal education classes to condition-specific groups of clients and allied health professionals
  • Maintaining communication with relevant health professionals and accepting referrals at the primary and secondary levels of healthcare
  • Engaging in continual professional development through workshops and courses

Intern Biokineticist  

Overview: Prescription of therapeutic exercise, based on physiological assessment, for the management of a wide range of diseases and disorders

  • Rehabilitating patients with cardiac & chronic diseases and orthopaedic injuries
  • Conducted ECG stress tests, pulmonary function tests, glucose, cholesterol tests, and vitality fitness tests
  • Designed and prescribed individualised exercise programmes to increase exercise capacity and assist in the treatment and management of chronic medical conditions.
  • Conducting wellness testing on behalf of health insurance providers
  • Used instrumentation such as electrocardiography and spirometry to assess cardiac and respiratory function.
  • Participated in weekly professional development workshops
  • Observed qualified Clinical Exercise Physiologists in independent practices and hospitals


Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons) in Biokinetics

Bachelor of Sports Science

▪ Personal trainer Certification (CFT)

▪ Fitness Nutrition Certification (SFN)

▪ Exercise Therapy Certification (SET)

▪ First Aid level 1 Certificate

▪ TESOL Certification (2018)

Professional membership

▪ Health Professions Council

▪ Clinical Exercise Physiology New Zealand (CEPNZ) (Registration pending)


I enjoy reading, cycling, paragliding, hiking and exploring new places. I am also part of a running club and have run two full marathons.

When I am not outdoors you can find me reading books on self-improvement, and watching movies. I am also deeply passionate about the human body, our adaptability and potential for change.  

Volunteer work has included supporting Community Health Interventions Programmes (CHIPs), by conducting wellness testing for individuals in impoverished communities.


Technical Skills

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