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Gihan Kodithuwakku
Qualification :
Automation Engineer
Industry :
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Automation Engineer

About our Client

Automation Engineer with 4 years experience developing industrial vision solutions and programming PLC systems (Programmable Logic Controllers). Driven by a desire to find the best and most optimal solutions for challenging problems and exploring novel solutions. Quick learner and good listener skilled in communicating and collaborating with colleagues and building valuable partnerships with other players in the field. International exposure has developed ability to work in different environments and with a diverse workforce. Qualified with a Masters’ degree in Mechatronics.


Professional Experience

Automation Engineer, Feb 2019 - present

Overview: Development, implementation and control of various automated systems that focus on classifying different parts using a 3d stereo camera and using a robot to pick and place them into sorted groups. 

• Development of Cognex VisionPro programs focusing on 3D stereo camera solutions

• 3D modelling and analysis of mechanical systems and research and development of optimal vision solutions

• ProgramPLC systems (Programmable Logic Controllers) for production lines in factories on a daily basis

• GUI programs and automation solutions for complex production line problems

• Implementation of robot guidance and calibration using Machine Vision for pick and place applications.

• Cognex VIDI deep learning programs to identify defects that were impossible with traditional machine vision.

• Preparing risk assessments and designing safety systems for machines with safety scannersand light curtains.

• Developmentof customized 3D Laser linescan systems to decode DOT code

• Developmentof 2D vision systems to check bottle cracks, barcodes and label damages etc.

• DevelopingAGV models to transfer materials inside warehouses.

• Workon industrial sensors, barcode readers and camera from brands such as SICK, WEIDMULLER, HIK and COGNEX


• Proposed use of a 3D line scan camera to capture images of bottle crates on a conveyor to enable the system to capture proper and clear images for processing, improving pass rate from 85% to 98.4%.

• Taught new team members basic PLC programming, enabling more programming jobs to betaken on

• Used deep learning software (Cognex VIDI) to decode the characters in captured images of tires, enabling the software to train the system to read the code, resulting in a 99.4% success rate


Trainee (Internship), May– Aug 2015

Flexon Technology Co. Ltd, Thailand, Engineering Solution Provider,

• Main role was to learn vision systems and to update the team leader about vision concepts while also helping other team members to prepare documents about the machines


Trainee (Internship), May– Aug 2014

Industrial Control Systems (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka, Engineering Solution Provider

• Mitsubishi PLC programming and HMI designing daily and developed control cabinets in line with customer requirements


• Master of Engineering in Mechatronics (Dec 2018)

• Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering (2nd class Hons) (May 2016)

 • Sakura Science Program: Participated in space camera development workshop which was organized by Tokyo University of Science, Japan, Dec 2017.


Additional Training

• COGNEX advanceVIDI training program from COGNEX South Korea

• COGNEX VPro training program in Thailand

• SICK machine vision and deep learning training program from SICK Singapore

Academic Projects
• Development and Control of a 5-DOF AutomaticDrilling Alignment Robot Arm Using 3-Axis Force Sensor (Master’s Thesis). The robot arm is used to drill predefined points of an object, which is held by aKUKA industrial robot arm. Through the use of flexible force sensors and control algorithms, the drill bit is kept perpendicular to the drilling surface.

• Applications of Digital Image Processing for theDevelopment of an Automated Food Quality Inspection Machine. (Capstone Project- Undergraduate). The main features of this project include the detection of real-time fried chicken pieces moving through a conveyor belt using a camera.Image processing techniques were used to verify the size, shape and colour of the chicken.

• Face Recognition Security System. Development of a security system where the system will capture an image and scan the system to verify authorization. The system was developed using machine vision and digital image processing techniques.

• Design of a Mechanical Gripper for handling soft objects. A self-contained mechanical gripper with robotic arm has been developed which can be used to grab and place soft objects (eggs, etc.). ThePIC microcontroller was used to program the robot arm.


  • During university, I was involved in organizing community and cultural events
  • I love playing chess and was a Sri Lankan school’s national chess player and university champion. I helped organise island-wide tournaments for all age group players.
  • Working out in the gym, going to the beach and hiking
  • Having a beer at a pub with friends on a Friday orSaturday evening


• Communication and Teamwork: Working in Thailand is challenging due to the language barrier. Therefore, communicating and working with the team is necessary to achieve targets. We always have small discussions and brainstorming sessions to get to the solution. Once a week there will be a meeting with team leaders and managers from other divisions to discuss the progress of projects. This involves talking to clients in Thailand and vendors from around the world to find the best solution for the project.

• Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting is a major part of the automation field. I look into the issue and try to find the root cause of the problem and narrow it down to ascertain whether it’s a mechanical or a programming problem. Generally, I will propose the solution myself however if it is a very complex situation I will discuss with the team and take the necessary actions.

• Adaptability: Automation is always a changing field so it is necessary to adapt to new technologies. I was hired as a PLC programmer but with time I was given the responsibilities of managing vision system projects, AGV/LGV control and warehouse development projects as well. Therefore, I had to change the way I tackle problems and adapt to managing my time as well as look at problems from a multitude of different angles while constantly updating my knowledge.

• Work Ethic: I am highly motivated to learn and update myself about new developments in the automation field and endeavor to find new ways to do the same job which might make the process easier and faster. I face new projects with a positive attitude so that it helps to complete all the jobs successfully

Technical Skills

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