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Ashwin Nand
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About our Client

Experienced Auditor with excellent time management skills and demonstrated ability to work well under varied priorities. Excellent technical and business documentation and reporting skills with ability to provide accurate and timely solutions to clients. Effective communicator and team player who values collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Professional member of Fiji Institute of Chartered Accountants and Associate Member of CPA Australia.



• Tax auditing and preparation of financial accounts

• Risk assessment and internal controls

• Leading the planning, execution and reporting on audits

• Understanding of business management practices such as business ethics

• Liaising with tax professionals and taxpayers on audit outcomes and negotiating on settling tax liabilities

• Presenting information in meetings and trainings in line with ethical standards

• Using connections to stay up to date on tax changes and current development in international taxation

Key Accomplishments

• High performance: Started my tax career as auditor and consistently demonstrated high levels of accuracy, efficiency, and attention to detail in conducting audits and preparing tax reports. Was promoted several times due to this, and currently manage a team of auditors conducting special tax audits andInvestigations, including criminal investigation and anti-money laundering cases.

• Was selected to attend training in UK for a Commonwealth Tax Inspectors course, and training in Malaysia on Anti Money Laundering

• Set up Fraud and Evasion team in Revenue and Custom Services conducting audits and investigations on taxpayers engaging in fraudulent and tax evasion activities

• Played a key role in improving compliance with tax regulations for audited taxpayers

• Leadership and mentorship: manage a team of auditors for special Investigation and audits, provide tax related advisory to taxpayers on complex issues, and mentor junior staff

Professional Experience

Principal Auditor

Special Tax Audits and Investigations, Feb 2022 – present

Overview: Lead and manage a team of senior auditors conducting special tax audits and investigation

• Performance management – ensure auditor completes allocated audit cases in timely manner

• Coaching and mentoring team members, including new staff

• Meetings with Taxpayers and Tax agents on tax audit issues and ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner and provide feedback to executive leaders on audit engagements

• Conduct meetings with internal stakeholders for feedback on special audit cases

• Conduct tax law research and interpretation, including case laws, how it impacts on current cases or tax laws and regulations that may require to be changed


Principal Auditor

Jan 2017-Jan 2022

Overview: relationship manager for a selected group of Gold Card Taxpayers, which included large and multinational corporations, to provide tax advisory services and ensure appropriate taxes were collected

• Recognised clients’ unique ambitions and needs and referred them to colleagues in other teams and areas where possible to broaden business relationships

• Managed a team of seven employees, managing performance, coaching and mentoring team members and keeping management updated on tax issues

• Conducted tax law research and interpretation, including case law


Principal Auditor Team Leader

Small Medium / VAT Team, Oct 2010 - Dec 2016

 Overview: Oversee and manage the auditing of taxpayers by a team of six auditors

• Performance management, coaching and mentoring team members and keeping management updated on audit engagements.  

• Conducted transfer pricing audits of taxpayers involved in international transactions with related parties/entities.

• Transferred pricing risk assessments, audits, preparation and negotiation of the Advance PricingArrangements

• Conducted audits and investigations on taxpayers engaging in fraudulent and tax evasion activities

• Examined organisations’ financial statements and accounting methods to ensure they were accurate and in accordance with regulations.



Intelligence, Compliance and Investigations Section, 2002–  2009 

Overview: Facilitated and carried out audit engagements from audit programmes tailored to the FRCS operations, as well as conducting field audits in accordance with audit plans specifications.


• Master of Commerce in Professional Accounting

• Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

• Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Economics


• Enjoy playing golf

• Reading news articles, especially on current economy situations – world markets and financial impacts

• Love mountain trekking with friends, including work colleagues

• Interest in new technologies – how things are made and how could we improve processes


Technical Skills

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