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Niruban Jeyamohan
Qualification :
Application Support Engineer
Industry :
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Application Support Engineer

About our Client

Application Support Engineer with a track record of onsite installation, formulating custom installation plans, and managing projects. Strong interpersonal skills with ability to communicate complex technical issues to non-technical users, and work collaboratively with different teams. Passion for leveraging technology and providing innovative solutions to drive efficiency.


▪ Resolved a critical application issue by analysing data logs and collaborating with the development team to create a custom solution, reducing system downtime by 40%.

▪ Created a comprehensive user guide for a new software implementation, simplifying complex technical concepts for non-technical staff

▪ Established a sophisticated testing environment from scratch, facilitating QA operations. This involved configuring the IBM RIT tool within a cloud-based VM and seamlessly integrating it with Jenkins agent and GitHub.

▪ Orchestrated the migration of PST server script from an on-premises environment to a cloud-based setup, significantly enhancing scalability and accessibility while maintaining integrity of operations.

▪ Played a pivotal role in transitioning from Openshift to Azure AKS environment. Additionally, spearheaded the migration of an on-premises log analysing tool to Grafana and orchestrated the shift from an Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

▪ Instrumental in maintaining high system availability and resolving complex issues swiftly, reducing downtime by 30% over the course of a year.

Professional Experience

Application Support Specialist (DevSecOps)

Overview: Ensure the smooth operation of applications within an organisation by providing technical assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance, to optimise user experience and functionality

  • Provide Level 2 process support for IT operations as well as the creation of user manuals, installation and support documentation 

  • Assist users with application functionalities, to navigate and utilise software efficiently, and address user queries
  • Monitor the performance and functionality of applications, identify potential issues, and ensure systems are running smoothly
  • Create documentation such as user guides, knowledge bases, and troubleshooting procedures for different applications to aid users and the support team
  • Work with cross-functional teams, such as developers, IT operations to communicate issues, gather requirements, and implement solutions
  • Conduct testing of new applications, updates, or patches to ensure they integrate seamlessly with existing systems and meet user requirements
  • Escalate complex issues to higher-level support or development teams, and follow up until the issue is resolved
  • Contribute to process improvements, suggesting enhancements, and implementing best practices to enhance the overall efficiency of application support services

Applications: Grafana · XML · PostgreSQL · Azure DevOps Services · Oracle SQL Developer · IBM Rational Tools · Microsoft SQL Server · Red Hat Linux · Message Queue · GitHub · OpenShift · Jenkins

Technical Engineer

Overview: Provided proactive and reactive support services to maintain the availability, reliability & security of client’s core infrastructure

  • Ensured systems, server & application availability as well as Back-ups and Restores to meet and resolve incidents within SLA
  • Implemented patches, updates, and fixes and ensure replications and DR functionality were maintained
  • Administered resources, access, connectivity, and configurations

Applications: PostgreSQL · Oracle SQL Developer · GitHub · Jenkins

IT Support Specialist

  • Provided L2 technical support at Google Street View team as a vendor 

  • Troubleshooting break/fix issues and 
provided configuration support and technical guidance to clients

  • Remote Data integration and managed process for Data center 
  • Managed Dell PowerEdge R720, Lidar and i-Drac Configuration

  • Used company tools to assess network functions and performed cause analysis 

  • Tested new Linux based OS/image releases applications and escalated issues to appropriate teams 

  • Qualified Module performance to hardware specs 

  • Implemented modification for applications/Tools (Linux Scripting)

BIM Platform Application Developer

  • Proficiently troubleshoot remote software and hardware issues, including router, switch, and printer installations and configurations
  • Oversaw G-Suite email account administration for streamlined communication
  • Maintained website domains and aided in page development via Bluehost
  • Provided support as an Autodesk application reseller, aiding in installation, troubleshooting, and license management
  • Conducted audits of client software licenses and hardware resources for compliance and optimisation
  • Showcased expertise in Virtual Applications, particularly AWS (EC2), facilitating BIM application collaboration


BSc (Hons) in Information Technology (Networking specialisation)

Diploma in Multimedia Designing

MTA: Database and Networking Fundamentals, Microsoft

Cisco certified network associate



Technical Skills

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