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Application Engineering Analyst / SAP Consultant
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Application Engineering Analyst / SAP Consultant

About our Client

Application Engineering Analyst / SAP Consultant with a strong interest in product design and development and almost 5 years experience in interacting with clients and turning ideas into effective solutions. Skilled in integrating business processes and building software products within the system such as SAP mobile application development, and ability to reconfigure tools to suit specific business needs. Proactive, adaptable team member with good communication and time management skills and a focus on meeting objectives and schedule. Continuously seek to bring efficiency to processes using analytic and problem-solving skills.Qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma in Robotics and Manufacturing and a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering.


Publication Design of an automated sweeper for public parks


Alan Melgarejo, J. E., Jiménez Taylor, G., Maldonado dela Cruz, E., Silvestre Cabañas, A., Poza Aguilar, D. A., Vargas Urióstegui, M.,& Ponce, H. (2018). Design of an automated sweeper for public parks. OPENAIRE.

Professional Experience

App Engineering Analyst,  March 2020 – present

• Analyse, design, develop and test SAP solutions and leverage maximumSAP standard functionality

• Planification, creating relevant documentation, and providing deliveries time estimation and status

• FollowASAP implementation methodology, designed the business processes, wrote blueprint phase documentation and completed configuration during realization phase

• Interact regularly with the business users at all levels and developers for discussing the business requirements and business process enhancements/changes

• Involved in requirement gathering, writing functional specification documents, design, configuration and testing business process.

• Specialized in production planning, plan maintenance and quality management.

• Gained significant knowledge in material management and manufacturing intelligence and integration

• Was awarded Accenture’s priority talent for excellent performance on projects during lockdown and for communicating effectively with clients

Product Developer, Jan2022 - present

• Work 10 hours per week in addition to the above full-time role, developing an innovative climbing wall, using electronics and artificial intelligence which I am documenting as part of my Master’s Degree Thesis

• Designed and developed a training board on which climbing angle can be adjusted by an app and developed an AI that can generate random boulder problems according to the difficulty selected by user.


Maintenance Manager/Operations Assistant/Data Analyst, Jan 2018 - Feb 2020

• Developed an automatic Excel report for preventive maintenance and transformed the enterprise maintenance process which improved the response times for maintenance and saved the company costs regarding future failures and delays in the services

• Assisted in the operations area, mainly on the logistics, analysed sales, utilities, expenses, and bus occupation and performances data

•Created data visualizations from a historic database and from which useful information for the company was obtained.


Between 2010 and 2013 while I was a student, I worked 20 hours per week as a Teacher Assistant coaching Mathematics during summer breaks.


• Master’s in Engineering (due to complete early 2023[JA|NZIC1] ) 2021- present

• Postgraduate Diploma (Robotics and Manufacturing specialization) 2021

• PostgraduateDiploma in International logistics (hons) 2019- 2021

• Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering   2014 - 2018 [JA|NZIC1]


• During college, I was involved in the university’s social programs that included volunteer work building and painting houses for low income people.

• Involved with Reforestation project to plant trees

• Volunteer fire marshal for FIA since 2014 to present on international events in Mexico city such as Formula One, Formula E and WEC, preventing fires and improving security.

• I am a very proactive person and enjoy sports, playing soccer and bouldering in my spare time. I am currently in training to achieve my first V6 grade boulder and start trying sport climbing.

• Play in a soccer team on Sundays with friends in a local league to have fun and enjoy the sport.

• Organizing hikes with friends about once a month to socialize and enjoy nature.


Technical Skills

• SolidWorks and other CAD programs (Rhino, AutoCAD, Creo). This has helped me generate 3D visualizations and adapt product components to specific needs in the product design area.

• Data analysis capacity, correlate data, programming understanding (Python, SQL, ABAP,C#)

• SAP(Modules PP, QM, PM, knowledge in MM and MII)

• Logistics,ERP systems, manufacturing, maintenance, production, process, analysis, design& development, and implementation.

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