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Name :
Velumusa Sizibar
Qualification :
Accounting Supervisor
Industry :
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Accounting Supervisor

About our Client

Accounting professional with experience in financial planning, account streamlining and general business administration in a manufacturing environment. Skilled in providing timely financial reports and analysis which accurately reflect the performance and integrity of operations, as well as ability to make short-term decisions and develop strategies for long-term growth. Self-motivated with excellent time management, relationship and team building skills, and ability to communicate with team members, management and key stakeholders.


Areas of Expertise

Technology: SAP, BI, and Excel

• Data Analysis: revenue source, inventory, procurement, variance analysis & processing loan applications

• Critical thinking: Writing policies and work formulation instructions including Import and Export procurement, Visa Card policy, and operational expenditure policies

• Preparing financial statements: IFRS and IAS accounting standards daily implementation, namely IAS 21 The effects of changes in Foreign Exchange Rates, IFRIS 9 Classifying and measuring financial assets financial liabilities and some contracts, and IFRIS7 Financial Instruments Disclosure

• Bank reconciliation: preparing creditors reconciliations, VAT (non-residence) tax on fees and withholding tax on VAT and submissions to IRD equivalent

• Accounting:Payment of foreign and local creditors, processing customer receipts, supervising credit controller and accounting officers managing tax, cash book, foreign creditors, and cashier, as well as payment of foreign and local creditors

• Business intelligence software and process modelling: Cost benefit modelling, recording invoices into SAP accounting software, handling Bank acquittals for imports and exports and amortisation of loan calculations

• Problem solving:go-to person, supervising accounting officers and making recommendations on how to solve inflation challenges to maximize manufacturing profits while minimising company's costs

• Negotiation: Brokered deals with transporters to prioritise the delivery of raw materials without incurring additional costs which helped the business to stay profitable and produce goods on schedule

Key Accomplishments

• Part of steering committee which introduced new inter-company billing system resulting in no variances for inter-company purposes and eased consolidation of inter-company accounts based on accounting standards IFRIS 3 and 10

• Reduced telegraphic transfer processing by engaging with banks and operations team

• Developed new dashboard for operational expenditures during KLIN shutdown, which projected costs and potential savings in real time

• Oriented and trained new employees who were given responsibilities to post incoming customer transfer, bank reconciliations, uploading of bank statements in SAP software, creation of monthly and weekly treasury reports, inter-company reconciliations such as revenue and inventory, implementation of international accounting standard 21, which focuses on effects of changes in foreign exchange rates.

• Received Pretoria Portland Cement Company Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to Rising Talent in 2020, and an award for resolving a transporter issues in 2021 which saved the company time and money

Professional Experience

Accounting Supervisor

July 2022 – present

Overview: Oversee the accounting activities, such as financial accounting, analysis, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, and conduct performance assessments

• Supervise a group of accounting officers including credit controller, taxation, cash book and foreign creditors accounting officers

• Cashier 
IFRS and IAS accounting standards daily implementation: IAS 21 and the effects of changes in Foreign Exchange Rates, IFRIS 9

• Classify and measure financial assets, financial liabilities and some contracts

• IFRIS 7: Financial Instruments Disclosure,
 Revenue source analysis, 
Loan applications

• Inventory analysis, 
Policy and work instruction formulation: Visa Card, OPEX (Operational Expenditure) policy
- management technical fees and procurement policy


Trainee Administration Manager

April– July 2022

• Created and maintained budgets including cost benefit modelling, preparing and monitoring budget OPEX (operational expenditure), variance and inventory analysis, stakeholder engagements


Accounting Officer Creditors

Dec 2019 – April 2022

• Prepared bank and creditors reconciliation statements, recorded invoices into the SAP accounting software, prepared acquittals at Central Bank, and organized payment of foreign and local creditors

• Prepared VAT (Non-residence tax on fees and with holding tax on VAT)

• Recorded invoices into the SAP accounting software and processed customer receipts

• Amortisation of loan calculations


Temp Accounting Officer

Oct – Dec 2018

• Prepared bank reconciliation statements and creditors reconciliation, recorded invoices into the SAP accounting software, acquittals at Central Bank, and payment of foreign and local creditors


Between Sept 2017 and July 2018, I worked as a Finance Intern while completing my Commerce Degree


• Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Strategic Professional Level (2020-ongoing)

Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Accounting (2019)

• High stakes leadership certification

• Certification in Budgeting estimation and Project management

• Google Data Analytics 2022 – ongoing


Enjoy canoeing, hiking, woodworking and playing soccer


Technical Skills

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