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You need a 'skilled' job

If you want to apply for your work or residence visa under the Skilled Migrant Category, you will need to prove that you have an offer of skilled employment.

For most migrants, an 'offer of skilled employment' is the key to their successful migration.  

Your job search must be aligned with your visa application process!

Evaluating whether employment is 'skilled' in terms of the Skilled Migrant Category is a complex legal matter. It requires the expert knowledge of a Licensed Immigration Adviser.

You that you cannot just accept any job offer in New Zealand, as that might not enable you to apply for that most important work visa or give you points for your Expression of Interest on your way to residency.

Our solution:

Our service fusion of Visa Assistance and Job Search Support will ensure that your job search is aligned with immigration requirements right from the start!

To get your job search headed in the right direction, our Job Search Team will confer with our Licensed Immigration Advisers right at the beginning of your job search when establishing your Job Search Strategy.

Throughout your entire job search journey, we will ensure that your job applications are targeted at positions that will satisfy Immigration requirements and ultimately give you the tool to obtain your visa.

This will keep you focused on your goal of becoming a resident in New Zealand and ensure that your visa application will not be declined because your job offer does not comply with visa requirements.

Read more about our Powerful Service Fusion.

Another reason why the support we can offer you is so powerful:  

Our fusion of visa and job search assistance will help you overcome the Catch 22 Dilemma - No job without a visa and no visa without a job!

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