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Rent a house in New Zealand

What do I need to know about renting a house in New Zealand?

Planning where to live once you arrive in New Zealand is an important consideration. For many people migrating to New Zealand renting is often their first, most accessible option.

Here are a few matters to be aware of if you are thinking of renting.

How does renting work in New Zealand?

There are two ways you can rent a property, one of them is for a fixed-term, and the other is a periodic tenancy agreement.

Fixed-term is where you sign a contract with your landlord for a set period, and you can only end the lease early if everyone agrees.

On a periodic tenancy agreement, there is no end date. This method allows the tenant or the landlord to terminate the contract after providing notice without requiring the other part's approval. A periodic tenancy may be more advisable if you are not sure about how long you'll stay.

Rental prices in New Zealand vary significantly depending on where the property is located. Like in most countries, bigger cities have higher rates than in other areas.

Usually, 35% of your take-home money is the maximum people can pay for rent, according to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The Ministry provides useful information in a guide for new tenants.

Shared apartments

Shared apartments are common here, particularly for younger people with no children. Rent is divided by all the tenants, providing a more affordable alternative.

Sharing a rental home can bring other benefits like being a great way to meet new people and not having to buy furniture, as these properties are often furnished.

Where can I find a place to rent?

In New Zealand, one of the most popular places to find a rental home (including shared apartments) is www.trademe.co.nz.

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